Zul’Drak: The Storm King’s Vengeance (Quest)

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  1. The reason why people say this quest sucks is the shear amount of time it takes. You are to kill 100 minions of the Scourge with a AOE spell that takes a while to cool down and doesn't do much damage. Then the 3 bosses you have to kill have 200k health. As well as the rewards aren't very good.

  2. Find the "storm clouds" (lightning ball-looking things) around the general area you're fighting in, stand close to it and use your "grab" ability (the exact name of the skill escapes me, but it was the third item on my action bar). The ensuing buff will heal you for 10% and increase your energy by 100 every second. 😀 and Kill the PRINCE first and then thrym will appear

  3. Just beat this quest after about 7 failed atempts, the seceret to this for me was to just button mash and hope for the best. If you cant find Thrym its because to get him to show up you have to kill the price then he will show up to redeme his master.

  4. lol guys. You do the hard bosses by taking the elite monsters and throw them at the bosses. Except Thrym. Remember to take the healing bolts floating around. also to avoid massive damage use '2'. However i dont know how to find Thrym either, i havent had any trouble against other bosses


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