Zul’Drak: Betrayal (Quest)

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  1. Failed 3 times, but then finally did it with one troll. Key is to run around, but not to walk through the orange goo/lava. Just keep clicking on the pet's 3 abilities (blood, hammer, and the other one).

  2. I'm a Dk 80 and i used less spell or attack on him. It's very easy, just use Scepter and let them do all the work. Always walk around, use your companion's ability's (heals you, does 18k damage) and when it die's,use Scepter on another one to attack Drakuru. It will take some time… The secret is to stay away,walk around and use range spells.All the work is done by your "pet"…Sorry for bad english…

  3. Just did this on my lvl 75 blood DK and at first it sucked balls, but i figured a good way to beat him (for a dk) just use D&D and icy touch for your main attacks and when you get enough rune power use death coil. also use rune tap when it's up. when i did beat him it wasn't so bad after i perfected this.

  4. @Tianden18 I had big trouble with this q to start with. But I have just completed it with a lvl 77 warrior. U don't need to do any damage urself. Just run around him in circles, so u don't get hit by blight crystals. Then let the troll do the damage. One troll died for me, but I quickly took a new 1. Use the trolls special abilities every time they r ready. Especially the trolls ability, which can heal urself is important. Use it just before and after u switch to a new blight troll.

  5. A tip for all the warlocks out there: with improved health funnel, it's truly easy to do this quest. Just stand and channel, using the troll's two attacking abilities whenever you can. The only times at which you should move is when he throws a crystal.


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