WoW WOTLK 10 Man Raid – Eye of Eternity: Malygos (Boss) – Sneak peak of Malygos from the Eye of Eternity – one of the BEST raid encounters in the Wrath of the Lich King so far!

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  1. hey guys i only need this guy for my champion of frozen wastes, do you get the acheive when he dies even if you die on dragon part? dont call me a noob i was jw cuz well you know.. you fall down…

  2. I don't like how they did to Malygos as a raidboss. He died so easily. If he truly was the dragon aspekt, he should have used his power to more exciting graphics. In Richard A Knaaks book, he says that Malygos could turn in crystal, but they aren't showing something like that here.
    Besides, Onyxia and Sapphiron are much bigger than Malygos.

  3. you're right, i've been playing warrior for 3 years… but i never really tanked, so my skills at tanking fails and all i can do is dps… not like i didn't want to dps in first place 😛


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