WOTLK Naxxramas 10 Man Raid: Anub’Rekhan (Boss)

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  1. @kolkukosta Two things, 1: naxx has been around since pre-BC. It was simply moved in WOTLK (and altered slightly.) 2: There are things called BETA test realms, these let players test expansions/new patch raids so they can report buggs before release

  2. i did this like oftank and was gonna down him as fast a possible so we dident hink about the guards and leted them stack posions on the oftank ended up with 10k posions on offtank

  3. just did him and he does do locust swarm. I had 10x the aggro of any of my dps and it was easy. only problem i had is it was a pug and some of the dps were s*** but if u have all dps at 1200dps or more u have the fight. you are correct about this guys dps sucking though. they should be able to at least do 25% before each kite.


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