Diablo 3 RoS – Disintegrate Mid-Range Arcane Wizard Build

There are a lot of variations of the Disintegrate Arcane Wizard build and most are due to different gearing strategies. As you progress in your search for Vyr’s Amazing Arcana set for a cooldown reduction Archon build, a lot of options present themselves for Arcane Torrent and Disintegrate. Based on the gear I currently have, […]

Diablo 3 RoS – T3 Solo Frost Wizard Build

As requested, here’s a video of me soloing T3 Rifts using my Frost Wizard build. It’s fairly straightforward. No gimmicks, just cookie cutter damage. It can be done with all rares. A 2k+ DPS weapon is the only legendary ‘necessary’ to progress to higher Torment difficulties efficiently. I discuss a couple build variations, their pros/cons, […]

Diablo 3 – Meteor Spam Fire Wizard Build

Getting tired of Frozen Orb? Try an end-game fire wizard spamming meteors everywhere. Although more gear dependent, fire has the best damage stacking possibilities courtesy of Cindercoat. In this video I go over the build, gear (including BiS items), ideal stats per slot, toughness requirements, fire/elite/meteor damage % modifiers, a very strong 2-hand variation with […]