Diablo 3 – T6 Crusader – Fire Fist Of Heavens Build

Today we look at the final frontier of the Fire Fist of Heavens Crusader: T6. The build remains unchanged from T5, but some additional gear optimization is necessary. This is arguably the fastest solo Crusader build – faster than shotgun due to its AOE ‘cast and move on’ nature. In this video I go over […]

Diablo 3 RoS – Torment 1 Solo Malthael – Wizard Build

Killing Malthael on Torment 1 after hitting level 70 is optimal because you get a guaranteed ‘first boss kill’ level 70 legendary, and because set items can only drop on Torment now. It’s a very chaotic fight, but once you figure out the mechanics it’s actually fairly easy. The first time I killed him on […]

Diablo 3 RoS – 2m30s Random Group Act 1 Bounty Set – Danetta’s Demon Hunter

Today I want to make a quick video as a follow-up to the Danetta’s Speed Farm Demon Hunter build, showing how fast you can potentially clear a set of normal Act 1 bounties in a random/PUG group. In this video we clear the set in 2 minutes 30 seconds. I believe in an organized group […]

Diablo 3 RoS – Disintegrate Mid-Range Arcane Wizard Build

There are a lot of variations of the Disintegrate Arcane Wizard build and most are due to different gearing strategies. As you progress in your search for Vyr’s Amazing Arcana set for a cooldown reduction Archon build, a lot of options present themselves for Arcane Torrent and Disintegrate. Based on the gear I currently have, […]

Diablo 3 RoS – Split Bounty Farming Explained

Today’s video is fairly short and not for the more advanced players. Split Bounty farming is becoming more popular due to the quick acquisition of Horadric Caches. Getting them in a certain act has a chance of dropping a specific legendary. Act 1 for example drops the Royal Ring of Grandeur. It’s a good way […]

Diablo 3 RoS – Asheara’s Vestments Set Crafting

Asheara’s Vestments is a great progression set and arguably the easiest to craft because the required mat can be farmed quickly and consistently. I farmed up 50 Iron Wolves Doctrines in about an hour. Both the 2 piece (100 All Resist) and 3 piece (20% Life) set bonuses will easily get you into Torment 1 […]

Diablo 3 – Normal Crusader – Speed Bounty Farming Build

Today I want to show you guys a Crusader speed farm build for normal bounties. The moment you find a Swiftmount is the moment you can go neck and neck with Demon Hunters for speed. Combined with enough Cooldown Reduction and Steed Charge/Nightmare, you can permanently ride through enemies at 175% movement speed one-shotting everything. […]

Diablo 3 RoS – 500 Blood Shards – Shields on Crusader

Today I roll 500 shards on shields. I do it on a Crusader to see if ‘targeted loot’ is actually more targeted, since there’s a larger pool of items (Crusader shields) to choose from. I’ll most likely do another 500 on a Barb to check for any differences. Enjoy! More Gambling Videos: 1 Handed Weapons: […]

Diablo 3 RoS – Junger Theory Bounty Farming Part 1/3 – 25x A1 Normal Caches

Today I want to start a 3 part mini-series where I attempt to find a positive correlation between Ring of Royal Grandeur/cache legendary drops and farming bounties using the Junger method. The general idea is to avoid killing, opening, or breaking anything unrelated to your bounties in order for the ‘pity timer’ to kick in […]

Diablo 3 RoS – Crusader Solo Hardcore Level 70 Progression – Expert

Today I present part 3 of this series where I take on Expert difficulty for an hour. In this video I continue to miss chests and gold at the beginning, do the longest bounty set ever, roll a GG yellow amulet, find 4 plans, craft and enchant as many rings as possible (ending with a […]