Diablo 3 – PTR 2.2 – Wizard Delsere’s Magnum Opus Set + Triumvirate Explained

Hey guys, today I want to explain and showcase the mechanics of the new Delsere’s Magnum Opus set (also known as the Slow Time set). This is my last PTR 2.2 video since the patch how now landed. I discuss the set bonuses, bubbles everywhere with Gesture of Orpheus, and a crazy synergy with Triumvirate […]

Diablo 3 – Meteor Spam Fire Wizard Build

Getting tired of Frozen Orb? Try an end-game fire wizard spamming meteors everywhere. Although more gear dependent, fire has the best damage stacking possibilities courtesy of Cindercoat. In this video I go over the build, gear (including BiS items), ideal stats per slot, toughness requirements, fire/elite/meteor damage % modifiers, a very strong 2-hand variation with […]