Grim Dawn – Occultist – Level 50 Pet Build Itemization

Hey guys, today I do an itemization follow-up to the level 50 Occultist pure pet build (in anticipation of the upcoming Shaman mastery). I show my current gear, discuss some best in slot items, what you can use in the interim (Savagery relic is not easy to acquire), reputation farming for vendor items, and more. […]

Grim Dawn – Itemization Basics

Hey guys, today I discuss itemization in Grim Dawn. It’s a very complex topic with lots of available modifiers and levels of customization, so this will serve as a basic overview for those who are newer to the game and/or used to a different type of system. Enjoy & discuss! Patch: B26 – Thanks for […]

Diablo 3 – The Biggest Problems With Diablo 3

Hey guys, today I give you my aggregate thoughts on the major problems in Diablo 3 and some possible solutions. The game goes in waves with every patch and I believe there are certain reasons for that, specifically moving too far away from the ‘standard’ ARPG model of Diablo 2. I discuss the uselessness of […]

Diablo 3 vs. Grim Dawn

Hey guys, today I discuss the main differences between Diablo 3 and Grim Dawn, since I’m asked this a lot on stream. Both games are amazing in their own right and – in my opinion – are complimentary to each other. When you get bored with one, play the other. While Diablo 3 has amazing […]