Diablo 3 – Barbarian – Immortal King’s Set Update In 2.2

Hey guys, today I briefly go over the set changes to the Immortal King’s set in 2.2, specifically discussing some of the various builds and combinations with the Wrath of the Wastes and Raekor’s sets, including other set/legendary pieces (Bul-Kathos, Vile Ward). Enjoy & discuss! 6 Wrath + 4 IK G50+ Build: https://youtu.be/NHba3FICOks Solo G52 […]

Diablo 3 – Barbarian Solo Greater Rift – G53 WW

Hey guys, today I swap over to non-season for some fun on my Whirlwind Barb, which I haven’t touched since the last patch. I clear G53 with a fun/experimental setup quite easily. 6 Wrath/4 IK was quite strong last patch and I’m going to push a few tiers with it here before switching to either […]

Diablo 3 – PTR 2.2 – Barbarian G40+ IK Pure Pet Build

Hey guys, today I want to show you the changes to the (now very powerful) Immortal King’s set with a proof of concept pure pet build. I never thought I’d see the day a Barb can solo G40+ without attacking anything, but it’s possible and I show it in this video – PermaWrath, Taskers, 45% […]

Diablo 3 – Barbarian – 6 Wrath + 4 IK G50+ Build

Hey guys, today I want to explain the endgame 6 Wrath + 4 IK ‘Spin To Win’ G50+ Barbarian build. It’s a lot more fluid and enjoyable than Raekors and has a higher clearing potential. With 300m+ ticks on your tornadoes, well over 100m effective toughness, solid sustain, and respectable single target damage, this build […]

Diablo 3 – PTR 2.1 – Barbarian Cold Hurricane Whirlwind Build

Today I want to explore the pros and cons of a cold Whirlwind build using the new and improved Hurricane. While I don’t think this will be as good as other variations and Earthquake or Raekor’s, it’s an interesting utility build for those who want to spin to win – or in this case spin […]

Diablo 3 – PTR 2.3 Barbarian – Lightning HotA Build

Hey guys, today I show a Lightning Hammer of the Ancients build. It deals a ton of damage, scales incredibly well with density, great single target, good sustain via life per fury spent, and definitely high GR capable. Although I didn’t spend too much time grinding with it, I cleared a 55 very easily. I […]

Diablo 3 – PTR 2.2 – Barbarian Wrath of the Wastes Set Explained

Hey guys, today I want to explain and showcase the mechanics of the new Wrath of the Wastes Barbarian set – also known as the Whirlwind set – coming in patch 2.2. I discuss the set bonuses, scaling with various damage modifiers, the case for using (or not using) Rend, and do a ~1:30 T6 […]

Diablo 3 – Barbarian G32 – Call of the Ancients + Generator Build

Today I want to show a different build using highly optimized Call of the Ancients and Weapon Throw – a generator only pet hybrid. While this combination is not optimal to reach the highest tiers of Greater Rifts, I did G32 just fine, especially with 92% elite damage with Furnace. My goal is twofold: to […]