Diablo 3 – Open Letter to Blizzard – Community Against Botting

Hey guys, today I want to share something the entire community has been working on behind the scenes – an open letter to Blizzard, backed by nearly everyone, against botting. Please read the letter and share it if you can. Something has to be done or the game will follow Diablo 2’s legacy. Enjoy & […]

Botting In Diablo 3

Hey guys, today I discuss (in a Vlog format) my thoughts on botting in Diablo 3. I’ve been thinking about it for months, but following the correct predictions of many of its upsurge this patch, it’s time to give the issue as much press as possible. I talk about its history, 2.3 task automation, clear […]

Botting In Heroes of the Storm

Hey guys, today I briefly discuss and showcase botting in Heroes of the Storm. While it’s not as big a deal as in some Blizzard games (Diablo, WoW), it still hurts the game as a whole and I explain why. It’s fairly prevalent in AI matches but can be found on occasion in higher Hero […]

The State of Diablo 3

Hey guys, today I do a follow-up to a video I released almost a year ago on why D3 becomes boring and why each patch/season ‘dies’ after 1-2 months. Since then, the major issues still persist. I discuss where this stems from – starting with the initial release of the game and snowballing afterwards, the […]