Heroes of the Storm – When To Play Coop

Hey everyone, today I’ll look at Coop mode and when/why you should play it. With a huge influx of new players jumping headstrong into Quick Match and subsequently disliking the game because they can’t win a single battle, I want to provide my feedback on this mode along with the general progression from Tutorial to Practice to Coop to Quick Match to Hero League.

I’ve logged around 300 hours in the game so far with multiple level 10 heroes and I’ve spent quite a bit of time in Practice and Coop before jumping into QM. As a result, I don’t have unrealistic expectations and I don’t think that ‘hero X is overpowered, I’m underpowered’ every time I lose. While I discuss reasons for coop I do a ~9 minute game with RoboGaz. Enjoy & discuss!

Patch: Closed Beta

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  1. Great vid as usual! I have the opposite problem, I get into the mode of "I'm only going to play co-op mode, because its stress free and a guaranteed win!" PvP becomes a little daunting…

    That being said, I'm looking forward to when you make your guides on some of my favorite heroes (I'm looking at you Nazeebo, Thrall!)

  2. A little bit of a off topic question here, but desperately need some help. Which (free) program can I use for adding my face cam to my recorded gameplay, syncing and cutting ? I used Windows Movie Maker for those things before I had Webcam. Now I finally have fun and the program does not have this feature. I am runnning a Vista OS, so is Windows Live Movie Maker 2011 any good or what do you use and what do you recommand ? Thanks in advance.


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