Grim Dawn – Soldier – Early Game Progression

Hey guys, today I go over early game progression for a hero using Soldier as the first mastery, including a level 15 build and per-level skill point allocation. I’m building a physique-based Battlemage revolving around Blade Arc and Elemental Exchange for worry-free whacking. I discuss playstyle, gearing, components, EE scaling, and more. Enjoy & discuss!


Level 15 Build:
Level 30 Build:
Level 50 Build:

Soldier Playlist:

Patch: B29

Thanks for watching and Thumbs Up if you like the video! Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions in the comments below and be sure to check out:



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  1. Subbed, my soldier(lvl 22) build looks nothing like that, because it my first character(and i am a D3 player mainly) and pushing Physique as a primary stat i was pumping points into the mastery on the bottom with Cadence and the other skills on the right side maxed out, guess i should respec, although tbh i can make lvl 20 on Crucible, but it is challenging and i wipe hard after that, even with 4 epics equipped lol i am using a 1 Handed axe with Shield currently i wonder if 2 Handed is the way to go?

  2. Some weapons have +% physical damage, but it seems that this does not show up on the stats. Does it still multiply with full weapon damage? Because there are many +% damage stats, like +10% fire damage, but it seems to me that only increases the fire damage you already have. So if you have no fire damage it does nothing. I have a weapon that has +29% physical damage, is that really a full 29% increase? It doesn't show on the stats.

  3. Tx, this really helped me getting started in this game! However, it isn't quite clear to me where i have to put skillpoints in after level 15, and in what order. Could you show something like a target to go for at level 30/35? Tx!

  4. I went for a Warder as my first character. Currently I'm level 40, and have trouble deciding where to put my stat points. I've just been pumping them into Physique for the most part, but occasionally throw one into Spirit for the elemental damage bonus. What would you say is the priority for stat points for a Warder?


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