Grim Dawn – Hargate’s Lab Walkthrough

Hey guys, today I give you a walkthrough of Hargate’s Lab, the high level quest zone you can access once you hit Honored Reputation with Devil’s Crossing. This contains some spoilers, but I do save the details of the storyline for you to discover on your own, as it’s pretty disturbing. The zone isn’t too hard, but does require a frogger-like playstyle. Enjoy & discuss!

Patch: B27

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  1. i dont get why the fuck i can't open that fucking trap door in ("the meth") lab area,,,is it bcz im just lvl 24 or what ??? 🙂 anyways can pls anybody tell me why the fuck my duud (mi Carnalito & hes pose of skeletons and la chupacabra's) can not open the friggin doors 🙁 PLEASE!!! anyone ??!! ay caramba!!!!Para ayudar por favor !!!Te estare agradecido por siempre,, 4 real I NEED SOM HELP HERE … ways con Dios amigos y amigas…


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