Grim Dawn – Devotion Procs for Pets

Hey guys, today I do a follow-up with demonstration on something not very intuitive in the Devotion system – the ability to assign ‘chance on attack’ celestial powers to pets, resulting in crazy AoE damage and fixing the biggest limitation of a pet build (lack of AoE). Nearly all ‘on attack’ powers can be assigned, so you’re only limited by preference. Thanks to those in the forums for pointing this out. Enjoy & discuss!

Devotion Guide:

Patch: B28

Thanks for watching and Thumbs Up if you like the video! Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions in the comments below and be sure to check out:



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  1. I just unlocked blizzard and attached it to one of my pets. It does not seem to trigger. Also when I switched it to one of my attacks I did get it to trigger but it seems very weak considering it doesn't trigger super often. Any thoughts on how to get it to trigger more often with pets

  2. I don't think it is possible to getΒ three tier 3 Constellations. In the absence of a decent Devotion calculator, this is all theory only. For my Spellbreaker who is heavily Cold damage, I wanted the Leviathan and the Blind Sage (both tier 3), and it took AGES to work out a constellation sequence that gave me both. And it has only 2 points to spare and you cannot vary away from 2 alignment colours at all to do it. Oh yeah and it forced me to take at least one constellation that added very little to the char.

  3. idk why pet classes are always so stupidly fucking OP in all these titanquest type games. No work required, just dump shit into pet spells and wear pet equipment = you will rape everything in the game with zero effort.

    Meanwhile legit spellcasters have to kite for half a fucking hour just not to get 2shot to kill 1 elite mob. Balance.

  4. I use falcon swoop on my raven and dreegs circling eye thingy on my briarthorn πŸ˜€ Its awesome, the eyes accumulate to a huge amount after some time. Also very nice, that howl of mogdrogen now procs on attack and no longer on kill.

  5. do you recall where or how you got the Black Hand of Sanal'Slim (sp). I thought I had one, but I was mistaken. Any place I could try to farm one? Thanks

  6. how do you set them all on aggresive?
    how come you do not use all pets?
    i have briarthorn, raven, bloodhound, stormhound, revenant, poisonhound (from bysmiel bounds) and the summons from the weapon :D`
    its just a huge meatshield, i clear steps and cthonian realms soo fast πŸ˜€
    that's what i love about this game, everyone can bring some small adjustments and play its own way, even if its quite similar


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