Grim Dawn – Devotion Guide

Hey guys, today I go over Devotion basics – shrines and their locations, affinities/requirements, constellation bonuses, skill assignments/respecs, celestial power leveling, and more. Enjoy & discuss!

Devotion Procs for Pets:

Shrine Locations:

Certain Area Locations:

General Playlist:–xn_59wn

Patch: B28

Thanks for watching and Thumbs Up if you like the video! Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions in the comments below and be sure to check out:



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  1. im actually using like 4 celestial skills that have %chance to proc on atack 😛 each of them are on other % chance to proc skills:P im using a soldier+demo build,pure "passive" build meaning all damage will come from either passive skills,auras,%chance to use skills from your class or % chance to proc skills from an item or more items 😛 aside from fire strike i dont have a single active use skill that does damage everything is just chance :)) i just hold down left click and mow the lawn of mobs :))its stupidely fun and i found it by mistake(how elso would you make a build like that XD )

  2. Thanks for this guide! I asked on steam what constillations are good for me as a pyromancer (demo/occult) and got a link to this video. even though the video is great and explains some of my questions it does not adress my main question: what constillations are good for mycket build? I have NO (!) clue as to what i skuld put devotion into.

  3. You can respec the devotion points in crossroads for example, because the constellations can meet their requirements themselves. So get rid of useless points, only used to get the affinities.

  4. Hey Mikhail, how do you render both gameplay and facecam at 60fps? I use elgato60 for game capture and logitech C920. Webcams seem to only capture 30fps so I have no idea how you do it 🙁

  5. Great video as usual! A couple addendums/notes I'll add on as well:
    -Not all Devotion Skills cap out at level 20. Those which require 30,000XP to rank up the first time cap out at level 20, those that require 75,000 cap out at 15, and those that require 160,000 cap out at 10.
    -You can rebind a Devotion skill to any mastery skill without respeccing the Devotion point. You do this by clicking on the skill-granting star in the Devotion window, and the menu will bring back the list of viable skills. So you lost out on an Aether Crystal in this video; sorry!
    -Not something you got wrong, but something important that you missed: Constellations are self-fulfilling. So if you have a Constellation that requires 1 Order Affinity but grants 3 Order Affinity when completed, you can spec out of any lesser Constellations once you complete the 3-Order Constellation. You can do this to save some points by speccing out of the main Crossroads once you've moved higher up the Constellation chart.


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