Grim Dawn – Build 28 Impressions

Hey guys, today I give you my impressions of Build 28. This update includes the majority of Act 4, a level cap increase to 60, a new faction, and most importantly the introduction of the Devotion system – a new layer of character customization. All that remains before release is the rest of Act 4, Legendary items, and Elite/Ultimate difficulties. Enjoy & discuss!

Patch: B28

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  1. I've played guite a bit of D3 and PoE. This looks simillar to those two, but how does it play? Any fun or just pure grind for levels? Is it worth 25$? And is it going to be F2P once it is fully released?

  2. Got to wonder how people will get to 100 from starting, without an act 5. I mean, unless they are willing to grind the same areas over and over. I think D3 shows that most are not willing. Even for me at 60 waiting on b29, not thinking I would make it to 100.

  3. oh boy i remember titan quest A3, those terracota soldiers were amazing, i'm 125hs into the game thanks to your videos 😀 can't wait till final release


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