Grim Dawn – Aetherial Reputation Farming

Hey guys, today I show you the route I use for farming Aetherial reputation. Even with the advent of Act 4, this may still be the best area and is a great place to get a ton of crystals for component upgrading and crafting, along with a very high chance to spawn a Treasure Trove in several locations (there’s a chest over half the time). This results in 2-3k iron/minute when you factor in item sales (each Trove is about 5k iron, boss around 1k). Additionally, Aether crystals are important not only for component crafting, but also for both Hoarfrost and Frostshroud potions which you’ll need to take on Alkamos in the Steps of Torment. Enjoy & discuss!

Conjurer Pet Build:

Patch: B27

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  1. I appreciate this helpful video. Just wanted to add that there IS a 'safe area' half-way along the entry path on the right at a 'T' intersection… looks like a bus shelter and easy to miss. Can't stay there long, though.

  2. Nice video. I know that location, but i did it just one time with just one class and I didn't thought through that could be a farming location (also didn't realize the treasure farming option is that good). Thanks.


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