Diablo 3 – Wizard – Firebird’s Finery Set Update In 2.2

Hey guys, today I briefly go over the changes to the Firebird’s Finery set in 2.2. It received a few buffs and although Tal Rasha’s has a higher greater rift ceiling, it’s still a solid mid-range set and competitive for speed farming, particularly with an Ancient Aether Walker. Enjoy & discuss!

Wizard Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOh14k39ypt_okKhVQy3YI0cPCFoprka8

Patch: 2.2

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  1. I just recently put this set together, but my dps seems rather low. Right now my sheet dps is 1.5 mil and my intel is at 9149. CHC is at 54% and CHD is at 490%. Fire dmg increase is at 35% and I have area dmg at 34%, I also have a 15% bonus dmg on blizzard. With all this stuff on I can barely hit for 10mil, more often than not I'm hitting 7-8mil with blizzard, my hydras do 2-4mil and black hole does anywhere from 10-15mil. Anyone have any suggestions on what I'm doing wrong? I can clear higher tier content but sometimes for Grifts and for elites it can be dreadfully slow. Any help would be appreciated.

  2. I love this set so much. I just love the idea of a "fire Mage" type game play. I loved when it was the "IT" thing and my wizzy was all awesome and I totally am not into the TalRasha play style. It doesn't suit me at all. So I went back to Firebird and I've actually been doing quite well for myself (I'm not interested in leader board stuff at all only my personal progression). I'm working on finding some more ancient items. And Ancient Furnace and some other Elite damage stuff is what I've been hunting actually for decent clears.
    I also run a Simplicty's Strength with a Mirrorball. Magic Missile Conflagrate is one of my favorite skills in the game.


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