Diablo 3 – Witch Doctor – Kanai’s Cube Uses

Hey guys, today I give you my thoughts on the specific uses of Kanai’s Cube for the Witch Doctor. Mask of Jeram, SMK, and Furnace are the obvious candidates for weapons, but with the new sets we’re likely to see Rhen’Ho, Spider Queen’s Grasp, a potential ‘old school’ pet build with TMF/SMF, and more. Enjoy & discuss!

Witch Doctor Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOh14k39ypt9pV8oRaeS277dLZi1lE49J

Patch: PTR 2.3

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  1. Don't use MOJ in the cube…use carnevil helm -> equip zuni set helm(6p bonus) -> equip F+R -> CoE in the cube…this way u don't need to run RRoG or Zuni ring and you'll gain 2 biggest dmg multipliers. MOJ buffs only pet dmg..CoE buffs it all.

  2. This is just power creep, it's stupid. They just give us bigger numbers and people lap it up and think it's a good game? It's a joke, next year we will just be doing trillions of damage. This game is shit.

  3. Guess No one remebers grin reaper spider flood build. With the new set I'm going to be testing that first before the nerf. Jeram boost may effect clones too. And just got a rhen flayer on main account. So crowd control and damage should be amazing.

  4. My only fear is that with the rebalancing of mobs vs rift guardian, the old Witchdoctor builds (definitely a pure pet build, but carnevil is also affected) are going to become useless because mobs will be stronger and they have no AoE damage, and the one thing they did shine in, was melting rift guardians in no time at all, while they already progressed more slowly than other builds through mobs.

    I guess they are just going to let it happen and a  pet build will become a low tier build while the two new sets will be able to deal with the new balancing.

    The only way they can save the pet-build, is by  giving pets some form of area damage. but more likely they are not going to bother and just let it slide down the ladder like Phoenix/Marauder/Sunwoku/Akkhan sets. Which is a shame as I love my pure pet build.

  5. dagger of darts will win hands down…yang and I and some other  did 58 with a terrible group in half time…and dod is capable of pushing,,and might compete with dhs,.. while its not 60+-70;; dod i find is a good speed build for 58 to get gems and high keys..

  6. I feel like the witch doctor has the most diversity in item that they can use. I'm gonna be going crazy with my build which is already crazy.

  7. I think it kanai cube should be 2 armor slots and 1 weapon slot. The jewelry slot shouldnt really be a separate thing. I feel some builds need two jewelry slots to be good while others like witch would be op with two armor slots. Would love to see grin reaper / jeram / tasker/covention / 6 piece Zuni vs short man /tall man / rrog/ jeram /6piece Zuni.


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