Diablo 3 – Witch Doctor 1-Shot DoT Build

The new passive Creeping Death opens up a lot of possibilities for a DoT Witch Doctor build, particularly one revolving around Locust Swarm, Haunt, and Piranhas. It works great against hordes of whites, elites, and bosses.

With more specific gear, you’ll be able to 1 shot an entire screen of white mobs and destroy bosses by casting 3 spells and then just running around. You’ll also never run out of mana, no matter how much you cast.

Build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/witch-doctor#ehYUlT!SWcf!cccaZc

2.1 version of this build – T6 speed gold farm style: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7C41kS_q4s

T6 version of this build for patch 2.1.2: http://youtu.be/N0mze4h8Soo

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  1. This build is much better with the 6 set of jade. Your dots will be consumed all at once instead of accually lasting by using soul harvest on the enemies. My WD easily 1 shots just about every enemy on T6

  2. hmm dont see that this build is as good as the necro build. my litle fetich fuckers do about 10 mill crits and i have 55% crit chance. my gigantuar do about 23 mill crits when he enrages.

  3. Weak dps. Drop running minions and switch to Soul Harvest Vengeful spirit and take of rush of essence passive and switch to Grave Injustice. You can literally stand in mobs and not take any damage. Since your cooldown will be increased, you can keep spirit walk up for a long period and not take any dmg.

  4. Yea man, i just wanted to say this is an awesome build.I tweaked my build a little but still use the three main spells.I'm at 1.5 mil damage with haunt and locust swarm buffed and it's facemelting everything in site.i just run through t4 dot everything come back and gather loot.Thanks for the build man.

  5. Explosive toads are corridor melters! Lob Blob acid cloud also help to provide more blockers while doing decent damage (and gives some extra burst damage for bossfights). Currently farming my ass off for the homing toads weapon and see if it improves even more. Also having the cold Piranhas helps for crowd controlling AND so far the chilling doesn't affect the achievements that require you not to use crowd control effects on bosskills (possible bug)

  6. Far too slow. Needs Jade set for a DoT build.
    My zombie bears build is far more damage and less effort; 10m crits on elites, per bear, and getting a good bear line going nets ~40m dps.

    Since this game relies so heavily on gear, stacking %element dmg and skill dmg can really land you anywhere on the build sheet; but going beyond T2 requires certain build biases.

  7. Lol, this build makes me laugh too hard i have to check the comments on a daily now…… PS love how your critical hits are half your base dmg, didn't think that was possible ~_~

  8. One thing to keep in mind is that dots can crit but the crit chance is only evaluated on the cast of the spell not the tick, so if the cast was not a crit none of the ticks will be, however if the cast was a crit then all the ticks willl be crits.

    Also thanks for the video, this is currently my favorite build for a Witch Doctor. =)

  9. Stupid build, Your at 900k Base dmg  CHD aside.  Takes u 1min+ to kill Siegebreaker on t1.
    thats not effective even in packs donno why u have rush of essence when your not evening using skills mana isnt an issue u dont need the regain there are many flaws, only way i could see the build being any good, is with Zunimass's set. (set bonus being Fetish army lasts untill they die) Changing gargantuan or zombie dogs to fetish army.  Even still now were talking about a gear depandant build.

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