Diablo 3 vs. Grim Dawn

Hey guys, today I discuss the main differences between Diablo 3 and Grim Dawn, since I’m asked this a lot on stream. Both games are amazing in their own right and – in my opinion – are complimentary to each other. When you get bored with one, play the other. While Diablo 3 has amazing gameplay, some degree of competition, and a very standardized model (at least on PC), Grim Dawn has crazy itemization, a matrix of hero types you can create, offline play alongside multiplayer, is mod friendly and … it’s dark and gruesome! I also discuss the history of both games. Enjoy & discuss!

The State of Grim Dawn: https://youtu.be/Obq2gurBajs

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  1. for me the main difference is the mechanics, not the graphics.
    D3 is a shallow, pointless game, for superbored grandmas.
    PoE and GD have depth, diversity, modern mechanics, crazy skills, and surprising gameplay ideas. and are the real true successors to Diablo.

  2. Why do people say D3 is not dark and depressive ? He says you will never see hanging bodies in D3 , have you been to Alcarnus lately ? There's human torso strung about stakes and often smeared all over the ground. That last area just outside Magdhas lair is rife with entrails.
    What about Leorics's dungeons , people being pulled apart on wheels. Trust me there is some gory shit in the game you just gotta look instead of running by everything.  
    I do agree about the graphics though it has that soft WoW style graphics engine that makes things look like toys sometimes . Overwatch is by far the worst,.

  3. I like Grim Dawn more than D3. I'm currently playing through it again for the third time. While with D3 I finished it once for the story and never played it again.

  4. Grim dawn is a good single player game but its multiplayer is horrible and so laggy unless of course you host. So if you played lots of Diablo 2 solo you will fucking love this game like me!! I wouldn't recommend new players even bother with multiplayer if you want to play an action rpg like this go play PoE/diablo 3 the multiplayer experience is far superior.
    If you're like me though and all your friends are still playing Overwatch/LoL then stick to Grim Dawn or if you don't have any friends at all just stick to Grim Dawn haha.

  5. I love hack n slash but i'm 'single player kinda guy' 🙂 just not interesting in online gaming and from my perspective the main difference is that Grim Dawn is HELLUVA FUN and Diablo 3 is just unplayable.

  6. One thing I dont think I like the look of, the monsters look basically like diablo 3 clones just with different graphics, gives me the been there done that feeling. Also the particle effects look a bit like they got lost on their departure from D3, not quite in line with the rest of the aesthetic which made it much farther which is a pity. Why cant magic be a little more subtle instead of fireworks in every colour of the rainbow, nuclear explosions, all the same overused themes..

  7. I like Diablo 3 a lot more. The class abilities and class resource systems are a lot more fun in diablo 3. The world in grim dawn feels like its a lot bigger than diablo3 which is good but its not enough to make grim dawn more fun for me.


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