Diablo 3 – Torment 6 Act 3 Solo – Frost Wizard OP

Finally geared up enough (broke 1 mil Toughness at ~350k DPS) to solo the XP route in Act 3 on Torment 6. Keep Depths 2 + Rakkis Crossing both have high density and choke points you can use to your advantage.

The frost build relies on Mirror Images and Slow Time for permanently slowed mobs with plenty of freezes and stuns, both of which are mandatory in Torment 6 with lower gear if you want to live.

This is a first proof of concept video to show you guys that it can be done and what kind of game mechanics you’ll most likely be using. It doesn’t require any 2.0 legendaries, so anyone can gear up for this. With certain items like Winter Flurry and Frostburns, this build will become truly OP. I hope to have another video soon after I acquire better gear to do this more efficiently, along with group farming for sick XP.

Thanks for watching. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions in the comments below and be sure to check out:

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  1. You can not farm T6 because, how many times, must explain to people, that if you kill Elit about 2-3 minutes then it's not the weight that you can farm this Tormenta !
    And the bild is completely not  important here,because you are too weak.
      because,so everyone could do that,you just have to run for long enough until you kill Elite !

  2. This build is based on converted life in health, which won't be available on expansion pack. So yea, this build is useless unless you find a different way to survive: what if a pack wall you and cast arcane ray under you?

  3. I am new to D3 and I don't know how it was prior to patch. What I discovered is that this Frozen orb do a lot more damage + apply utility effects. I use Teleport Fracture for mirror images. I think it is more useful that way and then decoys spawn Slow time in 90% cases as soon as they appear. Also, I feel a bit safer with Ice Armor Chilling Aura as mobs cant get close fast enough and they are already chilled with Cold Blooded makes good combo.

    One thing confuses me. When I play with my friends, I am unsure if mentioned  Ice Armor Chilling Aura + Cold Blooded combo increase their damage as well against chilled enemies.


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