Diablo 3 – The Biggest Problems With Diablo 3

Hey guys, today I give you my aggregate thoughts on the major problems in Diablo 3 and some possible solutions. The game goes in waves with every patch and I believe there are certain reasons for that, specifically moving too far away from the ‘standard’ ARPG model of Diablo 2. I discuss the uselessness of most features of the game, flaws of endgame grifting, power creep, solo vs. group play, itemization (lack of scaling, most items being bad, sets being replaced), ever-increasing damage multipliers, too many nerfs, lack of synergies, loot tables, and more. Enjoy & discuss!

EDIT: Looks like patch 2.3 may be fixing a lot of these issues with Kanai’s Cube and numerous quality of life improvements. I can’t wait! You can watch my preview commentary here: https://youtu.be/0YRveSvjAwE

Patch: 2.2

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  1. Feel is wrong, remember the rainbow because they didn't want to answer the criticism and honestly it feel like wow game not Diablo, like where's the atmosphere?

  2. Diablo 3 has great story.. WoW.. Nobody said ever..
    D3 has the cheapest cringiest story I have ever seen in ANY video games.
    Diablo has a AWESOME story.. D3, doesn't.

  3. Diablo 3 devs are very staggered on what to do and don't get much done for the game from what I've seen on the pvp forum off of the Diablo 3 site. One of the moderators on the forum posted an article in there that shows us the problem with pvp, and what the devs think about it. What popped out to me on that post is that their isn't a week they don't think about it, but they don't do anything about it, they just let the problem fester instead of trying to fix it.

    I think the devs should experiment with ways to solve the problem and see what the community has to say about what they've done in case there are problems with it. An idea that I have to bring pvp back up from its rotten corpse is to make a league for it that places people in ranks for how good they've done and have it slowly boil down to a championship like football does, but to see who the best pvp players are, just as an experiment. That idea is already a ton more interesting than what we have for pvp right now which is next to nothing. There will obviously be problems with it but the point is that they need to do something about it! You may think my idea is dumb, but it's clearly better than what we have now.

    Something that I think is extremely important to mention is that they should not tamper with anything that is already working fine in an attempt to fix a problem unrelated to it. An example I have of this that disappointed me and upset a lot of players is when the devs made some of the skills for different classes weaker in a poor attempt to remove 3-support meta in greater rifts. It merely ended up lowering the greater rift ceiling for it, it didn't even phase it, and it made certain builds for solo players weaker which in turn lowered their variety.

    I really hope the devs start approaching the problems with our game the way I suggested, It at least gave me hope when the devs noticed the problems that are there. I've played Diablo 3 a lot and I'm very familiar with the game, I keep up with all of the latest news for it. For now I'm bored with the game but glad they've made an update recently because it shows they're at least doing something.

  4. – Art style of diablo 3 feel weird

    – The skill system where you can switch whenever you want your skills make feel like every character are the same. It doesnt feel like this is MY char with MY BUILD.

    – The game feel like there is no community.. in diablo 2 you entered bnet and you saw all the character below the chat//channel system, you joinned the game you wanted (Liste of game by name) there was clan channel etc … you was able to see the community

    – Auction house was crap but at least they removed it.

    – Hardcore mode is broken : disconnection = almost certain dead.

    They may have fix some stuff since last time i played.

  5. In need for speed most wanted (the old) you could finish the game even with worst cars, since you could spend TON OF MONEY to upgrade and equal a expensive end-game AAA cars. That was so fun and probably resume what this game need, like small gems to improve old set and make it good +20% better than new sets. Would encourage players to kill "low level bosses" for sets and high lvl end-boss to improve your old sets. The idea is simple: Make you run 50% of the game to get the best of the best and even make party a must to improve drops chances.

  6. mate
    maybe you can mention this in the next video.

    the problem is the sets in general and massive damage mutipliers embedded in them. the sets need to go… and all skills and regular legends should be restructured.
    orange star on ground = automatic shit

    they just had to remake d2 with better graphics 🙁

    I miss eth.zod tyreals. … those are the godlies we love to chase. deliriums bloodletters and both. ..

  7. Great points in this video. They need to really make adventuring fun.. I mean remember how fun it was to make a new charecter in d2 and adventure through normal nightmare and hell…absorbing the experience with others along the way? D3 does not have that feeling.

  8. I totally agree on that about not make more items, but just change the items in the game.
    Make more balanced class set. So you have 3-4 good class set close to each other.
    And make other set and legendarys good, so you don't salvage 90% of the legendarys you get.
    Great video.

  9. For me, the biggest problem is no offline mode.

    I know that with offline mode, people can hack and use bots, and in order to stop that, you'd have to put offline characters in a sandbox of sorts – prevent them from playing with other players.

    I would gladly play in my own little sandbox because I enjoy playing hardcore the most, but all my HC heroes die from lag spikes. I spent like 100's of hours in hardcore, just to die to lag spikes and disconnects.

  10. D3 have a great story ?? ….hmmm don't really agree with that …..is super childish and cheesy and as you said …..no one plays it.

    They could have mae it like : finish the story mode in order to unlock adventure mode

  11. Does anyone else think that it's stupid that Diablo 3 + reaper of souls is like $80? I bought Diablo 3 and all I have is story mode. I can't even use adventure mode. I have to buy reaper of souls to even free roam… What is this? Club penguin?

  12. Shouldn't you have realized that Diablo 3 is a lost cause by now? I mean sure, it is Diablo and it's Blizzard.

    But I really don't see them fixing all the problems that it currently has. It's just way too far gone.

    D3 vanilla was 10x better than RoS. Rares were useful, legendaries didn't rain from the sky, you weren't dependant on set pieces for your build(s) to work, you could play whatever build you wanted and still be competetive. Theres no way to "show off" your progress in like PVP (no, brawl is not pvping) – so you basically farm to farm gear to farm faster. That shit gets boring really fast.

    Another problem is the only item stats that actually matter is CHD, chc, attack speed and main stat + vitality for basically every single slot. Yeah theres the legendary bonus effect but who really cares about the bonus effect on most pieces.

  13. Agreed, except for the OP items. We already have OP items and those are the 6p sets. They completely ruined the game. There are item synergies, in fact a lot of legendaries make for fun synergy builds, for example Belt of Trove + Mortal Drama + Eternal Union + Unrelenting Phalanx. Hardly anyone uses builds besides the OP 6p sets and if you do don't even think about joining a public group.

  14. "Redesign the Core" says it all. but why? Its not good for the Finances. because Redesigning = might as well design a new. Plus D3 has disappointed a lot of people so they've already moved onto other games. I can't find a good reason to save the Diablo series other than I love it. First game I ever played. However, is that what the company thinks?. If I was the owner I'd shut it down. The story was also kinda meh. "This guy keeps coming back…. Cool" Sometimes the dead should stay dead. Leah should be the new evil after being awakened.  Diablo had a good run, but its driven to the ground now. Yes its fun like… the start of every season… Not really since 1-70 is still a useless grind, even with the cube.(Items can only drop at certain level, then you have to cube it. Its just annoying.) Whatever they're doing is just delaying the inevitable end. What I honestly expected from D3 was just a better graphic D2.
    This is just my own opinion/rant because I did expect more from a top tier company like Blizzard.

  15. I haven't felt excited or challenged in this game since the day I downed Diablo in Inferno difficulty the first time on my sword and board barb. Had like 12k dps, 900 all res, and like 700 LoH. It made the encounter feel epic and it took time to grind your way to the end. Now, the game has no end goal to grind for. Everyone raged how D3 was too hard cause of loot, ragequit the game and whined until they nerfed the game into the ground…

  16. I hope they add the nemesis mechanic like on console, if a monster killed you or a friend. It could be a lvl 1 zombie from Old Tristram for example, it would invade all of your future games and all off your friends games at a random time until you kill it, but every time it kills any player it levels up leaves the game and comes back stronger and adds your name to its title of the people slain near its name. But if you manage till kill it it drops loot as if it were a rift boss. I miss having that random fear in my games, having that one enemy you hate the most spawn in wreck your shit then teleport out lol.

    I also don't remember if it comes back with random abilities after each kill, Its been a while. But look it up it would be a cool thing, especially for hardcore. Your friends could get revenge for you if he decided to sore his face again.

  17. Diablo 3's story is pretty horrid, let's not even get into the elementary dialogue. The battle of demon's and angels is very cliche'd at this point. I do agree with you that Blizzard does hyper nerf characters often, leaving us with a weakened, puny hero.

  18. Great video and great points. I realised a while ago that to enjoy D3, I had to lower my expectations. It is fun in bursts (like what you described with lulls a few months after patches come out), but it will never be as in-depth and interesting as D2. We really do need a 3.0, but this game's longevity is severely impaired by the core functions of the game 🙁 Serious revamping needs to take place to keep this game alive. Hope Blizz listens to you though!

  19. T6 makes any build + focus/restraint playable for casual players. The same people that complain about low itemization are also complaining about Blizz not giving us t7+… so u want all builds to equally perform – all legendaries to compete for the top spot yet u want Blizz to give us a bigger challenge for low-tier farming? Well let's friggin think about this for a minute… damage output boils down to numbers. Bigger numbers out-perform smaller numbers. In competitive play, any combination of items that puts out bigger numbers is going to win. Making all items competitive in value means rarity should also be standardized. As it is now, the rarist items win. This sounds like an exciting game you've thought up… make common items as good as the rarist items. But wait, should Blizz make all items have the same drop rate or keep these equally-valuable-but-super-rare-items extremely pointlessly hard to find?

  20. I would really like the trade system back. That way we can actually trade the stuff one other needs and same time make gold useful once again. Think about it, what do we even use gold for right now, other than rerolling stats or crafting gems?

    I agree with you about making the other builds competitive. This will actually give the players to play with what they enjoy the most.

    Another problem that never got any attention (from Blizzard's side) is the PVP system. I remember how you could duel another in D2. It was a lot of fun, and sadly nothing about this is changing with the upcoming patch.

    Overall pretty nice to hear your opinions about the different subjects regarding the game. Good day 🙂

  21. Your notes about the loot are on the spot. It would be really nice if instead of having a system that only is based in the  luck of the draw, add something that rewards you with the ability to improve items. i.e. killing bosses in story mode gives you some reagent, and then that reagent can be used to improve the abilities of the gear.  I do play a lot of "fun builds", lots of which are barely good enough for T6, but give me the feel I am not in automatic just picking the same set every one else does.
    I really think rewarding work vs. pure time/luck and allowing improving the gear deterministically, so one can work towards a goal with something more than mindless grinding. 
    To give an example, lets pick a couple items that are kind of useless. Assume I have a "Blessed of Haull" and a "Jace Hammer of Vigilance". Imagine how interesting would it be if by completing tasks, and doing certain things I could acquire things that would allow me to improve those items core values in a deterministic way. To keep it balanced, the max values already existing on the weapon could be kept. Past that it could be done similarly to what is done with jewelry, where it is harder and harder to make the next upgrade.
    Giving options for being different would be awesome. Then it would be interesting to see how far people can take different builds. With the amount of gear available that would be something.

  22. I have a problem with the statement concerning being OP'd. Sure being OP'd and having OP'd items might be fun for a while. But it gets boring really fast because then there is nothing that is challenging. Players love overcoming a challenge.

    If Blizz had a buffarama where they just kept buffing where everything was OP'd to the point where content would be trivialized with zero challenge. Sure you and a few others would have fun for a little while. But then it would get boring because of the lack of challenge. Take a look how players on the official forums have been asking for more tiers of torment. That is because T6 is a joke, to many it is the new normal.

    While initially I do agree that there are a lot of items in the game that could be used along with content that could be changed to make the game better. While they don't need to add a ton of stuff there is something that I would love added.

    I would love for them to revisit the talisman system. Where you would have a talisman that would hold 13 1×1 charms. These charms wouldn't be stat sticks. They would be able to have legendary affixes that would change how you play the game. Some of them would allow you to customize the existing gear. Take the Leap Quake barb. With the right charms either rares or legendaries you could change Leap Quake to Seismic Slam Quake barb. Or you could boost the power of the Leap Quake barb to be equal to the Wastes set barb.

    Add in the ability to take legendaries that either have legendary affixes or not and allow you to add them together in a way where you would have a powerful build that would be able to compete with the best sets in the game. This would take an expansion to do it.

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