Diablo 3 – T6 Crusader – Fire Fist Of Heavens Build

Today we look at the final frontier of the Fire Fist of Heavens Crusader: T6. The build remains unchanged from T5, but some additional gear optimization is necessary. This is arguably the fastest solo Crusader build – faster than shotgun due to its AOE ‘cast and move on’ nature.

In this video I go over the build, gear, paragon points, proper usage of Darklight, solo a T6 rift, and talk about gear and skill optimization based on your stats, rift composition, and group composition if you’re not soloing. Enjoy!

Patch: 2.0.6

Build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/crusader#kYXVTQ!ZdWS!ZbZYZa

T4 fire FoH: http://youtu.be/k7pw-TjOTYE
T5 fire FoH: http://youtu.be/JNbsudk5z98
T6 fire FoH: http://youtu.be/wryBfT6Pdm4

Thanks for watching and Thumbs Up if you like the video! Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions in the comments below and be sure to check out:

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  1. I´d love to get up on a viable Lightning Fist of Heavens build for T6 and up, any ideas? with the new cube passives you could manage a lot of sustained lightning dmg. Also what are the current most powerful legendary gems to level up with FoH?

  2. If ur t3 or higher u should have at lesst ur character set and some of the legendaries i just started t4 and just need a high end oroboros and a stone of jordan also kadala is best way to get stuff and to answer ur question 800 plus dps will get u through t3 also achient legendary are what u need to look for

  3. What stats were on your Grandeur ring cause idk if mine had a good enough roll on them. Also can i do this successfully with a Maximus sword because i cant seem to find a Darklight.  I have like 890k dps, 9.5 million toughness, and 16.8k healing so idk what torment i can handle successfully before it isnt worth it to struggle through

  4. Im a beginner. I almost completed the campaing at normal difficulty and my crusader is good for that difficulty but way worse that the ines i see on youtube. Can you explain me how to get those armors and weapons? My crusader has some legendary stuff but they are all different. It has a golden helm a blu armor grey shield ecc ecc… Thanks for help

  5. +MeatHead Mikhail I tried switching from this build to shotgun but for some reason both builds I cannot get enough DPS to do atleast decent on T6. how did you get your DPS over 1mill? can you assist

  6. I sub'd, good info. Please o plz take this as constructive criticism…
    STOP MOVING YOUR MOUSE IN CIRCLES WHEN YOU TALK. I'm saying this as someone who produces training videos professionally. Its super distracting to the viewer. There are points where your showing something and you place the mouse on it only for a split second and then as you start explaining the mouse is doing nascar laps around your screen….we have to rewind and pause just to read stats/descriptions. Just put the mouse on what your explaining and if you need to take your hand off the mouse until you NEED to move it to the next point. Thanks

  7. Taunt works excellent with consecration for grouping and keeping mobs in the consecration. The problem with the shield glare is that it doesn't group mobs which can get really annoying on certain mobs that like to kite and it has a casting animation time.

    Also, having a high amount of health globes with wrathful gives an insane amount of healing allowing you to properly face-tank reflect/electric elites without using indestructible, iron skin, and immovable object (I am getting 25k heal per Foh cast and 50k heal when darklight procs from wrathful with 3 globe rolls).

    Phalanx Bowmen is also pretty excellent if your running bounty's to promote a playstyle where the DoT and bowmen can finish off monsters so you can be more mobile.

    I only play this in solo because shotgun is much better for groups. Also, a notable mention is the screen shake is getting removed in 2.1

  8. Thank you for sharing this video … btw im just asking since there are lots of variants crusader fire build, is this the best build for fire starter out there? Damn i need my chest .. spent more less 2500 shards still no luck

  9. Great job with the vid and explaining the variations skills, switching to a Furnace is not cheesy but since that's a super rare 2H drop not a lot of people have it. I haven't seen one since RoS launch and only 1 person in my clan has got one of those to drop. Also socketing a Diamond in it maybe more efficient for RG.

  10. You talk about your gear isn't optimized and neither are some of the rolls on some of the pieces. If you could could you message me or reply here with a list for each slot of what stats you would want for an optimized piece (i dont mean with the certain % or amounts) just what stat. It would help a lot for what exactly to look for and I could even make a visual map that you could use in your videos or any of the classes.

  11. I am having trouble finding the akkhan set boots and pants, as soon as I get those I should be able to do this. I have tried alot of gambling and shared loot groups.

  12. Is there any specific farming methods for finding Darklight or Fate of the Fell? I've gotten the full Akkhan set many times over but I have yet to see any of those items drop 😐

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