Diablo 3 – T3 Crusader – Lightning Hammer Build

Today we go one step further and venture into T3. The build remains unchanged, but additional +%lightning damage stacking is necessary. At this point it’s also a good idea to begin integrating cooldown reduction, as endgame builds will require it. In T4, I’ll be switching to fire due to the greater elemental stacking potential. Enjoy!

Patch: 2.0.5

Build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/crusader#UePVfQ!aiWS!aZaYbc

T1 lightning hammer: http://youtu.be/jUtypftiGqg
T2 lightning hammer: http://youtu.be/504wAFUFbS8
T3 lightning hammer: http://youtu.be/XACxUj7Fupg
T4 lightning hammer: http://youtu.be/LLdH3PRStDY
T4 fire hammer: http://youtu.be/EC5LyVcEKHY
T4 holy hammer: http://youtu.be/y60TLibS0z0

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  1. I find gearing quite silly in D3, i spent 125+ hours on my wizard and barely able to do T2 efficiently, and i spent 17 hours on my crusader (counting leveling) and i can steam roll T3. I'm also only Paragon level 123, my build; http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/crusader#akdfQh!aVUS!aZcbaa the items are nothing special, the only non crafted legendary I have on that character is the Cindercoat. Any tips or suggestions on what i should change in my build?

  2. Can't wait to see T4. You say you will switch to fire build, is it just because you got better fire gear or the potential for +% fire is higher because you can have in magefist and cindercoat?


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