Diablo 3 RoS – Witch Doctor – 350m/hr Timed Gold Find Run

Today I present the first of several progressively higher-netting gold find runs using the ‘gold dot’ build. In each video I’ll be doing 3 timed Ruins of Corvus runs with better gear/skillset each run to see exactly how much gold per hour (and therefore xp/hr) can be made – not theoretically, but actually. In this video I net 350m/hr.

Gold farm build explained: http://youtu.be/Z7C41kS_q4s

The Vault – Goblin Realm playthrough: http://youtu.be/w5I-CfJzm-k

Boon of the Hoarder gem: http://youtu.be/GOYpcvDktdw

350m/hr timed run: http://youtu.be/xCGlQ5L7wGg
550m/hr timed run: http://youtu.be/WHGTX91fDgk

Patch: 2.1.0

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  1. Thanks for another great video. I do have to pass on thanks for reminding me of the cache only ring that increases pickup radius when picking up gold. I completely forgot about that ring. I have salvaged so many of those in the past when I was farming for Prides Fall, which i got now not even trying.. funny how rng works.. Not that I will use it now.. Anyways, the ring makes picking up gold so easy.. Its crazy how fast enchanting costs go up. I have a few items where I am trying to get perfect rolls on it and they are at 11 mil per enchant.. sucks that i went through ~3k crystals and now need to salvage more yellows.. Well atleast dont have to worry about the gold aspect anymore.

  2. Hi, this is mostly a response to a comment in your previous video about demon hunters being able to reach 150m per run. While I did not quite hit 150m, I did get close. My upload speed is atrocious so I'm not going to make a video, but I did a few runs and created the following imgur album to show my results: http://imgur.com/a/uuJjZ#0 . Check some of the image descriptions for further details. Hope this provides some more insight on potential gains.

  3. Just my humble opinion, but: One does not really need 3 damage increasing legendary gems outside of GRifts (T6 and below). So just dropping one for Boon should be enough to not have to worry about gold (kinda what you were saying as well, i think).

    For example just yesterday i spent about 50mil rerolling my monk's Flying Dragoon trying to get dmg % on it. Took me less than 30mins of normal T6 rifting to get it all back, while having Boon of Hoarder equipped (rank10, 40% chance) 🙂

    All that said, something like this farm is nice thing to have in case one drops REALLY low on gold, say below 20mil or something, to get it quickly back up. 🙂

    Keep them videos coming!

  4. Nice, I farm that place and also Passage of Corvus a lot of Scarabs are there too. Although my gold find is not as high as yours I still can do a decent amount of gold per run.

  5. Just a random note here man. Last night I was looking for some information regarding my demon hunter because I never use her. She is a 70 but its just a really crappy build with a lot of paper damage but I can't get past T1. Anyways, after watching vids from other people. I just have to compliment you again man.

    You're the best, in my opinion. You're thorough and know what you are talking about, you take feed back from your viewers and apply it as necessary, you are consistent and the builds you have shown just work. I don't know if I speak for your other viewers but the Lightning barb is the shit, I still don't have a thunderfury haha, but slowly and surely i've been getting better gear and I have seen that build come to life and its awesome I love it. I digress though, I just want to say thanks man. I've watched other people do what you do, and I think their content is half as good as yours, so just keep doing what you are doing man. I love your vids, and thanks again!


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