Diablo 3 RoS – Why Diablo 3 Becomes Boring

Hi everyone, today I want to give you guys my thoughts on why (a game like) Diablo 3 becomes boring. As someone who’s played video games for over 20 years now, I’ve been noticing a trend for replay value. A game must excel at either competition or consistent progression and must continuously bring at least some money to the company in order for proper development team allocation.

In this video I discuss both of these concepts including some outlier examples like League of Legends, Counter-Strike, and WoW, where D3 is lacking, and some fixes now that it finally has a good core – micro transactions, PvPvM team racing, standardized grifting, and seasons worth playing. Enjoy!

State of Diablo 3: https://youtu.be/FXmHDpn44A4

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  1. You are very correct that Diablo 3 had and still has major issues. But, competition isn't the issue. Comparing games like LoL/CS to Diablo 3 isnt a fair comparioson as D3 was never designed to be competitive for PvP. It greatly sufers from "Flavor of the month" syndrome. They favor one class over others a lot of the times. They removed the auction house, thats an issue. They dont update content enough, thats an issue. But, many of the reasons you listed here are very incorrect. Also, I dont want microtransactions unless the items sold are cosmetic only.

  2. They need to add serious PVP like Dark Souls game series has and better crafting system and allow classes to share weapons and gear better. In Dark Souls, I can swap out gear better between classes. Also monster bosses are lame compared to the better design in Dark Souls.

  3. Let me fix this crappy wreak of a game

    1: Return of the skill tree system with skills point awarded when you level up. Same goes for Paragon with ''X'' amount of Plvl
    2: Give back the 5 stats point to spend when you level up. Str/Dex/Vit/Energy
    3: Return Of d2 like items stats +all skill/tab skills, Stuff with (based on character level), added damage, Reduce monster     elemental resistance by X% and +X% to ''elemental'' damage
    4. Return of the Horadric cube and a thousand cube recipe and yeah! RUNEWORDS!
    5. Get rid of the DPS and re-implement  Min and Max Damage
    6. Fix PVP! it sucks like no tomorrow.
    7. Skill runes are Stones that need to be farmed and applied to the using skill
    8. Get the charms back on the table. Makes some rare one and few legendary
    9. Enabling mercenaries in multiplayer

    Basically… D2.5 the whole thing and keep the VERY FEW good ideas that d3 has!

    There's a reason why the D2 servers are still running healthily after 15 years or so.

  4. I cant play it anymore.  All it is, is grinding.  I'm all to aware of how much time I'd waste having no fun playing it.  I dont know how anyone plays it.  No PVP?, that was the reason I played D2.  To get better gear to wreck other players.  Also getting to level 70 can be accomplished in hours.  Paragons are lame.  Getting to 99 in D2 was godly.  And almost impossible for me to comprehend how people did it.  And without trading, it's almost pointless to play with others.  So yea I agree with you.  They widdled it down to grinding.  Every other element of the game has been for NO reason at all, left out of the diablo universe.

  5. I don't play blizzard game anymore, both wow and diablo have become a RNG fest, pvp is a stun, sap, silent, lockdown, frozen fest, (6-10 sec duration), 90% of time a player can not even move,  constant stupid nerfs to mages and wizards (my fav class, made to top 15 in diablo ladder, and lv100 arcane mage), I read all the guides how to pvp,  I do my rotations, macros, I really wish I can play the game, but I literally CANT play it. I am very disappointed in blizzard, they have failed so hard yet again.

  6. I disagree about stash space/hero slots. I'll go ahead and use the same pizza analogy. Its not that we are going to a pizza place expecting free pizza, its that we went there, paid for the pizza, and then there are toppings we asked for that are missing. So yeah, we are entitled to that stuff. The stash space currently is not viable for long term players who play more than 1 class and operate under the understanding that holding onto old nicely rolled gear is worthwhile due to patches increasing viability of said items. If Blizzard expected us to shell out more $$ for the already what now, 100$+ title they sold us(between D3V and RoS), to get the stash space that should have just been there from the beginning it would be scummy as fuck.

  7. If there was DLC, alternative skins for characters would be cool. The thing I hated in all Diablo games. Your heroes looks remained stagnant. A big plus would be future expansions. Or just a bunch of characters archetypes from previous titles. I know people have wish for Necromancer, Amazon and such. But others characters that fell short in terms on versatile builds was the Druid. I loved the Druid as a concept, but if you wanted high level play there were very few builds compared to others. If the druid was paid DLC, I'd see a reason to play more. To try him out.

  8. I think Diablo 3 RoS is the best loot game to date, especially after the latest update. I think many of you are dissatisfied with Diablo 3 because you are simply burnt out from the series. Any game loses its charm eventually and Diablo 3 is the third installment in the series. In Diablo 3's current state you can sink over 400 hrs leveling and max gearing each character and atleast 100-200 more hrs max gearing/paragon leveling a Hardcore Hero. If that's not enough hrs for game to be considered replayable, then I don't know what is.

  9. They could do something similar to 'The Last Stand' mode from the Warhammer 40k Dawn of War 2 game. Effectively fighting waves of ever increasing difficulty until you have to fight as the last wave all of the bosses (from all 3 games) in a single wave.

  10. I've been saying the same thing about the absence of micro transactions since the AH went down. Blizzard isn't going to pay more attention to a game in their lineup if it’s a game without a source of CONSTANT revenue. I mean, how are they paying for the server space anyway? WoW subscribers must be the ones fueling the fire there.

    I like your ideas on micro transactions but I wouldn't mind something like quarterly episodes as well (a la Half-Life). In my opinion, that’s what RoS should’ve been to an extent. Only one act & an extra class? Yup, definitely should’ve been considered an episode.

    Maybe also pay for better animations on spells? How about the ability to found a town with a personalized house full of chests? I dunno.

  11. Huge diablo fan but they really f***ed it with d3. It's fun at first but gets boring quickly. I don't get why they just don't add pvp which is another end game thing for players to do. I remember way back when they were showing arena type pvp. Yes I understand it's co-op foremost but if you don't want this game to be boring add pvp. Enjoyed your video Mikhail.

  12. I think you have a good handle on some of the issues facing us in D3.

    One issue which nobody (that I have seen) is talking about is immersion. The ambiance and floor plan of the first two Diablo games were second to none. They were dark. They were scarey. They made you feel very alone in an extremely hostile and deadly world. When you entered that cave or those ruins, you knew you were fucked. But, you couldn't resist. THAT, to me, is Diablo.

    Diablo 3, while vastly superior on many levels, lacks the immersion of the first two titles. Many of the floor plans and maps have a very "pasted together at the last minute" feel to them, when traveling between locations. The game feels very bright,and inviting as opposed to the dark and foreboding feeling of the first two games.

    This could all be solved with some very small changes to the game. It's a shame that so much emphasis is being put on the destination, instead of the journey. I understand why. But, I think a lot of the Diablo feel is being lost as a result.

  13. They really need to fix the drop rates for certain items. I've been farming T6 on my wd for about a month now, specifically to find one item: the SMK. Without it I can't push past G35. Hit paragon 500 yesterday and found my first shitty SoJ. Still no SMK, or furnace. All my shards go to 1h weapons and I still don't get shit. 

    Spending hours a day, 150+ hours on my wd trying to find this knife is starting to bore me, and turn me away from the game completely. If you have to spend hundreds of hours in a game just to get one item, then that game must be broken.

    At least increase the drop rate, but make it harder to get good rolls.

  14. Mikhail, it recently occurred to me that there's a particular game mode which I think would suit Diablo 3 really well. A base defense game mode I think would be really fun. Players could team up and defend and area (like the town of each act) against increasingly difficult waves of enemies. There could be ways to fortify your base or buff the abilities of your character, in order to help you prevent the base from being overrun. If you've ever played Horde mode on Gears of War, that's the type of game mode I think would apply well to Diablo 3. Thoughts?


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