Diablo 3 RoS – T6 Disintegrate Wizard Group Rift

As a follow-up to the previous video where I explained the build itself, today I show you some T6 group action. There’s still a lot of gear that needs upgrading, but it is doable with my current items. That said, I am playing with a well geared group so take it for what it’s worth.

Build explained: http://youtu.be/bp7bZu7meWc

Build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#RNQjSO!ZXSi!YcZYZc

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  1. Sorry i can't find the answer anywhere, can a pro please help clarify this for me?
    What will make disintegrate do more damage the most 280 intelligence from a gem, 20% Arcane skill, or 15% disintegrate damage? Also which will effect it the least?
    Thank you

  2. I just don't get it,my disintegrate crits are 20 mill…yours are far lower.I cant go above T4 and contribute realistically.My toughness is 15 mill,so it's more of a stand and plant.

  3. can you tell me if it is possible to create a different kind of build on t5/t6 as a wizard. I am planning to start playing when the ps4 version releases. I would like to use slow time instead of a damage buff. I just prefere abilitys instead of an extra 10/15% damage that takes away one slot.

    I liked your video and subscribed.

  4. Hey Mikhail! 🙂
    You talk about the "WoW" wizard build and the Archon build for the wizard. I have pieces for the Vyr-set, Tal Rasha-set and the Firebird-set, which one should I go for to be able to play on T4-T6?
    Thank you for another great video btw! 🙂

  5. Aye Mikhail I've been checking a lot of your video even your post on d2jsp. I also run disintegrate build with 125% disintegrate dmg increase (arcane skill% on item included) and 54% elite dmg. Currently at 1.4M DPS and 12-14m toughness. I've already solo T6 rift and did several group run. I think you might be interested in my disintegrate build. With my slorack I crit from 7-10m depending on gears of course but what's most interesting is the crowd control and long channeling. I did a two man run yesterday, T6 Rift, with a monk and I did not use any primary skill to regen arcane and it never empty except for fight rift boss. If you're interested let me all I want is credit for the build and you can show the world what a wiz can do bro.

  6. Some days i find nothing…. Other days i get a bevy of set items and legendaries.

    Yesterday on t6 we ran into a group of treasure goblins, I got blackthornes spurs, A thunderfury and A witching hour.

    Needless to say i about died of a heart attack and i screamed so loud i think the cat ran into the wall……

  7. I think the easiest way now to solo T6 is using arcane mine. Wiz is not like monk and barb, the core wiz is CCs. i think 15M toughness is enough, and all u need is CCs and damage. Here's my profile, check it out. lechery#1999

  8. i was maybe 90% into this build when you released your melee range wiz disintegrate build vid so i thought i woudl give chaos nexus a try and its great, i just assumed getting the +15% buff from the last rune would be the best way to go but chaos nexus just makes sense now, it turns your piercing beam into a 360 aoe beam

    im curious though what woudl you say woudl be the toughness needed for t4-5 and 6 for thos type of build

    im sitting at 900k dmg(840k with blur instead of glass cannon)+63%arcane+ 62% disintegrate+44% elite dmg and 8-9mil toughness(12mil with blur) and im weary to go into t3 tbh, mainly because of people who ask for groups for torment 3 and above(even t1 and t2 tbh) who would check my profile and see only 571k dmg

  9. I have been testing the resource cost reduction by paragon points and sadly I don't see any increase on how much time I can channel Disintegrate, even ask others and they seem to have the same notion of this; have you check on that ?

  10. Mikhail, this is bullsh!t! You guys killed MANY elites and chaps, and the rift guardian. And yet, 0 legs dropped? I'd somehow understand not getting anything from the elites, but the rift guardian? 10kkk HP and T6 DMG, I'd expect BY FAR more legs to drop in that difficulty. Is the Difficulty vs Legs drop rate efficient? What do you think? 


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