Diablo 3 RoS – PTR 2.1.2 – Death’s Bargain Pants Mechanics & Why They’re Awful

While I typically don’t make item-specific videos, today I want to discuss Death’s Bargain pants and why they’re so bad. It’s understandable that with multiple buffs to life per second as a whole, in paragon, on gear, even further on Ancient gear, the new regen gem, and Monk’s various life per second skills, that a lot of players are ‘theorycrafting’ possible builds using this item.

Don’t waste your time. In this video I explain the mechanics, damage scaling (or lack thereof), the ‘separate’ life per second mechanic of Molten Wildebeest’s Gizzard, and showcase it on T6 with up to 250k passive regeneration. Enjoy!

Molten Wildebeest’s Gizzard explained: http://youtu.be/AMOKzxs_pBU

Note: everything on PTR is subject to change.

Patch: PTR 2.1.2

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  1. I put it in the cube to use as a passive and it gives 1,000% life per second as damage. so 27,517 x 1000% = 275,170 damage per second. not really that good. unless you have crazy good life per second regen

  2. The only way to make this build work is with the crusader, even with not min maxing life regen on my items I am able to survive and do alot of damage while just standing still and spamming the right skills

  3. Funny that they now fixed an exploit for those pants + Rogar's Huge Stone which was ultimate kill in Rifts 😉
    We can't know every combination right? 😉

  4. So, i think its pretty obvious this is terrible, but i am curious. Would this scale with passive skills that give an increase to damage, such as the barbarians "berserkers rage" 25% bonus to damage while at full fury. or brawler witch is a 20% bonus wile 3 or more enemies are with in 12 yards? just a thought. also would the enemies be poisoned by the efficatious toxin gem?

  5. they should make it so that other teammates in this area gain your life/second and Monsters in this area get 20% more dmg or whatever so it would be good for zdps / Support..but then it's Blizzard so you cant expect that they implement some thoughtful items. Im so done with this development team… >.<

  6. Thank you for explaining this and breaking the theory crafting aspects of it down, shame about the aura not benefiting from main damage and or being able to scale and crit, basically rendering it to almost useless status.

  7. Yet more proof that the devs don't actually test the stuff they make. I can't imagine this is good even in lower tiers because you need to give up your life per second. 

  8. If only they remove the life regen penalty from the pants the extra dot is still small but it adds up as extra damage nicely. I was testing those pants months before with crusader firestarter along with firewalkers and bul kathos and it was nice boost to dps but I still end up using pox pants.

  9. The devs wanted to make items that you could center a build around. As you've just shown, the fact that nothing stacks with those pants mean this is definitely not a build defining stat. Even if you were running through normal, you could do far better at a much faster speed without these. Unfortunately, we can add this to a list of items that are basically totally worthless (such as many thorn items, which I have never seen a build for at all in any form! I hate getting trolled with invoker garbage). Thanks for testing this! Will know to stay clear of!

  10. wonder how 4 player scenario would work out.
    focusing on high hp pool and life regen based on hp pool. like inspiring presence 2% and brooding 3%. invigorate +10% life pool boost and 8k lps
    on top of that all skills that make enemy take more dmg i think monk does 90% so use 2 monks?. x4 poison leg gems.
    calamity dh.
    invest in life on hit for survi. Simplicity's Strength// but still shit wouldnt go far i guess, just fancy T1 team lol

  11. So, if you level up Molten Wildebeest's Gizzard to lvl25, will you still get the 200% aura or not? I guess you would get it, but maybe somebody else tried it and knows.

  12. The problem with your logic though is that in the context of a build that is already a zdps tank, I think the 1m a second is a reasonable return for a leg slot slot. You were already not going to do damage worth a damn, but you might as well be able to theoretically be able to kill something.

    EDIT: Oh nevermind. I forgot you lose your regen…. Yeah, they're worthless.

  13. thanks for confirming that they are infact shit, first time i ever saw em i was like "well, those are shit", Hopefully blizz can buff em to be usefull, by like 5x-10x, 15-30mill ticks would make em somewhat useful

  14. I have tried similar build with my Barb two months ago, and i was also disappointed because DMG was not multiplied with STR(primary stat), and i was doing only max 1 M dmg.
    I believe that Blizzard should allow primary stat multiplier on Death's Bargain pants(9000 STR = x 90 on DMG) which is the case with other other tick/drain mechanic, but reduce multiplier on pants itself.
    Instead 750-1000% of your life per second, reduce it to 150-200% max.
    In that case you will have max 100 M tick in AoE, which is very powerful, but proportional to sacrifice that you will have to make stacking life per second, and physical DMG(both are primary stats on items), that also leads to orienting your build around physical skills.

  15. I don't fully understand why they are bad…I mean, they tick for 2,5kk damage, but I don't want this pants to be my main damage dealer. If my skills tick for, I don't know, 30kk, mobs will take another tick of (low) damage from the pants, but it's always damage, right?

  16. it would see it decent with perma immunity monk… yeah the damage output isnt so crazy… but the  regen aura for your party members? that actually pretty darn crazy..

  17. With a barbs set up you could get a lot everyone figured, even with the new gem but NOPE, crap damage no matter how much life per second you regen. I remember getting this and just laughing instantlly knowing the math would never stack in two the 8 figure range.


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