Diablo 3 RoS – Patch 2.0.6 Commentary

Today I wanted to share my thoughts on the new patch 2.0.6. Although a minor update, there are some buffs to certain classes, a few undocumented changes, and some massive UI/inventory improvements.

In the video I discuss these changes, mainly focusing on the legendary mat/inventory issue along with solutions to still existing problems like the lack of Arcane Dust and Flawless Imperial Topazes. Enjoy!

2.0.6 Patch Notes: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/14397824/patch-206-now-live-6-10-2014

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  1. About the arcane dust, they should make it so that you can turn 1 veiled crystal into 10 arcane dust or something like that, i can't craft anything thanks to the scarcity of arcane dust, i keep running out with re-rolls, but veiled crystals on the other hand, i have almost 2 1k stacks :/

  2. for the gems, i think you should be able to "crush" them for some kind of mats you could then apply to other things instead of having to change them.  This way, any gem would be equally interesting

  3. Im not sure arcane dust is that big of a deal, but they should reduce enchanting rings and amulets to Imperial gems imo.
    Removing the legendary mats also made bounties more boring now.
    Blizz should add something to bounties to make them fun again.
    Maybe get an item when you complete certain single bounties that have a chance to be a legendary.

  4. It might be just me but if I need arcane dust I put the dificulty on normal and just destroy some bounties fast as blues rain down so fast on normal.


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