Diablo 3 RoS – Monk Permanent Taeguk Stacks Tip

Today I want to show and explain a quick tip for monks using Inna’s set and the Taeguk legendary gem with builds that aren’t terribly mobile. In this video I explain the keybindings for getting permanent free Taeguk stacks so long as you stop doing anything else once every 3 seconds, why it’s important, and why there’s nothing exploitative about it (it’s normal keyboard behavior – not a macro).

This is not my discovery (HaxD3 showed it first I believe), but I wanted to explain it nonetheless for those unaware, since it’s not something I knew about either. Enjoy!

Taeguk legendary gem explained: http://youtu.be/4ovdLNJ1cT8

Note: everything on PTR is subject to change.

Patch: PTR 2.1.2

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  1. Lol, I broke this to no extent… I used 2 piece innas +granduer 7 pct resource cost reduction, my sweeping wind costs nothing at all now, so taeguk doesnt proc XD What ive learned today… This doesn't work if you need base resource cost reduction to support the rest of ur build. It gets ruined by sweeping wind losing its cost.

  2. i think i'm gonna play a monk too in s2. i always thought monk was a cool class (it was the closest thing to my beloved paladin, before crusaders) from the beginning but really underpowered compared to other classes and not loved for a long time


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