Diablo 3 RoS – Legendary Gem – Gogok of Swiftness Explained

Today I want to talk about the legendary gem Gogok of Swiftness. Although it’s primarily used to make up for missing cooldown reduction on gear, once you max CDR and acquire 15 stacks, it’s possible to get 1 second of downtime on Wrath of the Berserker and no downtime on Archon.

In this video I explain the gem’s mechanics, CDR snapshotting, proc coefficients, ways to maintain the stacks, and show PermaWrath. PS – the attack speed bonus is multiplicative with weapon attack speed, so a 1.4 sword will grant 1.4*1.15 = 0.21 extra ‘sheet attack speed’. Enjoy!

PermaWrath demo: http://youtu.be/2otTS5EBawQ
PermaArchon demo: http://youtu.be/ZUnrYfyoruc

How to quickly find and upgrade legendary gems: http://youtu.be/L_5s5IG9pQM

Legendary gem mechanics explained:

Bane of the Powerful: http://youtu.be/utQ7tRGnzhQ
Bane of the Trapped: http://youtu.be/4DI_exBJj3U
Boon of the Hoarder: http://youtu.be/GOYpcvDktdw
Efficacious Toxin: http://youtu.be/9DEtJN_mDzs
Enforcer: http://youtu.be/GtBSHH5fSeM
Gogok of Swiftness: http://youtu.be/4mPG3Or_TS4
Mirinae, Teardrop of the Starweaver (Smite): http://youtu.be/dbJFGSmt_VA
Pain Enhancer: http://youtu.be/MgNeN2v3pj4
Simplicity’s Strength: http://youtu.be/whH6ei_kMoY
Taeguk: http://youtu.be/4ovdLNJ1cT8
Wreath of Lightning (Conduit): http://youtu.be/zMb6ZYtkDwI
Zei’s Stone of Vengeance: http://youtu.be/RVQW75uJkQ8

Proc coefficients: http://www.d3maxstats.com/procrates/

Patch: 2.1.1

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  1. hey ive  nevr played any game like this i like csgo and first peson games do you hink i should pla yhtis ? sorry for speelling error i hate this keybord getting a new one this week!

  2. Vid was very informative whilst being absent digressions or any other tangential meanderings — you've got yourself a new subscriber, you meathead.  😉

    Keep up the good work, bud.  

  3. Doesn't it just simply just add to "attack speed increase"? Your attack speed increase goes from 24% to 39% which explains the attacks per second (1.4 * 1.39 = 1.946)

  4. My main beef with Gogok, and more to Taeguk is how short the buff lasts, when the X amount of seconds is up, the stacks are gone and a player has to get them all over again. This can be horrible for greater rifts especially for Taeguk. Getting stacks for Taeguk on a WW build takes awhile in all honesty. I wish Blizzard would make it so that a stack drops off every 3-4 seconds if the player isn't actively trying to keep the stacks up either due to lack of resource (Taeguk), or hitting enemies with enough proper proc coefficient skills (Gogok) instead of completely removing the buff altogether in that short amount of time. 

  5. I've used this gem for a while now, in fact it was the first I upgraded, but I'm not a huge fan of it. I basically use it as a last resort if getting sufficient cooldown on my gear comes with too high of a cost. There are a number of drawbacks to it.

    1) Attack speed for most spender builds is nothing but pseudo DPS (you said this before Mikhail) because it basically just drains your resource faster. Unless you have zero issues with resource, attack speed is likely not improving your overall DPS much, if at all.

    2) The gem is terrible if you're not running a dense map. You're much better off with just an 8% piece of cooldown on your gear, it will probably do more for you over the long haul without the hassle.

    3) The cooldown snapshot mechanic is usually a drawback because it is hit or miss, making this aspect of the gem very inconsistent. A lot of the times you don't have the luxury of trying to get 10-15 stacks before you use a high CD skill. Take Akarat's: Prophet for example. If it's down and you want to use it when you have 10-15 stacks you may die trying to do so and ultimately only save a few seconds of cooldown time. Other times it's just a hassle to constantly check and think about if you should use your skills or not based on the Gogok counter. The snapshot mechanic may work well in some cases though.

    4) It can also be difficult to get the 15 stacks against most RGs / Bosses unless you have a high proc generator or spender to spam.

    I prefer more consistent gems now. Even other proc based gems like the Smite gem seem to provide a lot more consistency than this.

  6. I heard that this gem was bad against single target like rift bosses, as it cant be cast twice on the same target… done any testing on this MHM? thanks for another great vid!!! btw

  7. shit tons of cdr =/ , were do u get so much cdr  from? 72% without swifftness , does ur weapons have cdr? , i got 44% from my crown, shoulders, gloves, and 1 ring =/, lol i got so many questions xD keep it up great vids

  8. Gem adds 15% att speed to att speed increase.
    Your att speed increase (base) is 1.24.
    When you add 15%(0.15), it is 1.39(1.24+0.15).
    Base att speed of your weapon is 1.4.
    Your total att speed(number of hits per second) is base att speed of your weapon(1.4) multiplied by att speed increase(1.39)=1.4*1.39=1.946 rounded up to 1.95

  9. Remove conduit pylons, increase duration of wotb by 10s, decrease cd of furious charge to 5s and barb will make sense then Kappa but its too hard unfortunately.

  10. PS – the attack speed bonus is multiplicative with weapon attack speed, so a 1.4 sword will grant 1.4*1.15 = 0.21 extra 'sheet attack speed'. This is what I was unsure of in the video, but figured it out.


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