Diablo 3 RoS – 500 Blood Shards – Helms

More blood shards? Yes please! Today I look at helms and discuss the possible differences between gambling for class specific helms (Voodoo Masks, Wizard Hats, Spirit Stones) vs. general ones.

More Gambling Videos:

1 Handed Weapons: http://youtu.be/lm__I6uz4J8
2 Handed Weapons: http://youtu.be/p78-QhTmFD0
Amulets: http://youtu.be/DwU0WR8jKDM
Belts: http://youtu.be/SsuLTwv3zaU
Boots: http://youtu.be/nWbIoYB2Dno
Bracers: http://youtu.be/8N_OXeaDwJM
Chests: http://youtu.be/JleDdY48oMU
Gloves: http://youtu.be/tMcQUhbIeQM
Helms: http://youtu.be/yAu2GxKdyz0
Mojos: http://youtu.be/DTdh5qctSY4
Pants: http://youtu.be/zFVTjunnKgM
Quivers: http://youtu.be/BFED8AaLTSQ
Rings: http://youtu.be/y-wFgwMGuBM
Shields on Barb: http://youtu.be/_khA66S1Rjw
Shields on Crusader: http://youtu.be/rBPFIbGhTzA
Shoulders: http://youtu.be/JXnk8E_MRRA
Sources: http://youtu.be/mmsgiwyzk3I

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  1. well, i was looking very hard for a helm with apoc, int, cc and a socket. all i found was crap, so i tried kadala. but… only each 5th helm was classspecific, so you were either very lucky with your wd, or it depends on the classes.

  2. Great commentary – Just subbed 🙂
    I had a quick question. Do you recommend to salvage or sell the gear you don't use? I've been salvaging some and selling some. I'm just not sure if one or the other will become more important later on, and if I should focus on doing one over the other.


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