Diablo 3 RoS – 500 Blood Shards – 2 Handed Weapons

I don’t recommend gambling weapons (1 or 2 handed) unless you absolutely have nothing better to spend your shards on because – currently – the item pool is too large. Hopefully in the upcoming patch(es) this will be fixed to an extent.

I will be making other gambling-related videos in the future – primarily on loot table ‘targeting’ – but until Kadala gets patched and the 500 blood shard limit is increased, this is it. Hope you enjoyed the series!

More Gambling Videos:

1 Handed Weapons: http://youtu.be/lm__I6uz4J8
2 Handed Weapons: http://youtu.be/p78-QhTmFD0
Amulets: http://youtu.be/DwU0WR8jKDM
Belts: http://youtu.be/SsuLTwv3zaU
Boots: http://youtu.be/nWbIoYB2Dno
Bracers: http://youtu.be/8N_OXeaDwJM
Chests: http://youtu.be/JleDdY48oMU
Gloves: http://youtu.be/tMcQUhbIeQM
Helms: http://youtu.be/yAu2GxKdyz0
Mojos: http://youtu.be/DTdh5qctSY4
Pants: http://youtu.be/zFVTjunnKgM
Quivers: http://youtu.be/BFED8AaLTSQ
Rings: http://youtu.be/y-wFgwMGuBM
Shields on Barb: http://youtu.be/_khA66S1Rjw
Shields on Crusader: http://youtu.be/rBPFIbGhTzA
Shoulders: http://youtu.be/JXnk8E_MRRA
Sources: http://youtu.be/mmsgiwyzk3I

Thanks for watching and Thumbs Up if you like the video! Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions in the comments below and be sure to check out:

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  1. Off topic question, do you think that if we saved up torment bounty caches for the new patch, would they contain the set items at patch launch? I don't believe they will but I'd like to hear your thoughts on the upcoming changes and potential ways to prepare.


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