Diablo 3 – Pull Monk Super Tank Build

As a follow-up to the previous video where I stacked toughness to build an immortal Barb, today I’m doing the same thing but with a Monk.

A combination of high passive regeneration, Rogar’s Huge Stone, multiple forms of damage mitigation, and certain skills like Near Death Experience and Deadly Reach/Keen Eye will turn you into a pull Monk who doesn’t care about elite ground effects and isn’t concerned with death.

For a more thorough explanation of gear and toughness stacking concepts, check out the previous super Barb tank video: http://youtu.be/GeUw5RPrmFU

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  1. Can you increase your microphone volume? Listening to you while doing anything else becomes impossible. I.e. if I wanted to listen to some of your ideas while I listen to Pandora and play Diablo I have to pause my Pandora. It's almost like your whispering.


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