Diablo 3 – PTR 2.4 – Item Proc LoN Build Concept

Hey guys, today I briefly show a concept I may not have time to fully explore before the PTR concludes – item proc-based Legacy of Nightmares builds. Since LoN gives a 14x (max) damage multiplier to everything, procs on items (Fire Walkers, Thundergod’s Vigor, etc) along with damage gems (Pain Enhancer, Efficacious Toxin) can meet the damage threshold for quickly clearing T10, allowing for some fun ‘passive’ builds. Enjoy & discuss!

Patch: PTR 2.4

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  1. nice work.. thanks.. if you switch the Explosive Blast rune to Lightning the cooldown is only 3s and you can also trigger Shard of Hate's lightning proc with it.
    Instead of Zei's Stone you could try Mirinae as its effect goes of quite often and the damage is insane with LoN

  2. love wd, roll one for my first char every season. was an awesome vid you had on the wd lazy build and I was pretty excited, but I might have to roll a wizard this time around. can't wait for next season to start! great video, as usual!

  3. i left diablo after few months of changing turrents mechanics 🙁
    i miss the old ones when they fire alone
    because i spent hundred of hours to reach 4.15 breakpoints 🙁
    i enjoyed it for a week or two
    then boom !! patched
    and turrets only fire with your speed
    i'm ok with " a nerf "
    but why change the mechanic which I and others spent a lot of time to perfect !!
    yeah give an advantage for others
    but don't change what i enjoy playing
    please don't say it was passive
    more than 66% of the dmg was from hero not the turrets
    turrents give elemental and other advantage
    and speed was to coop with your damage
    that's why they raised the damage after the patch
    to give an advantage

    don't know if they will ever put it back again


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