Diablo 3 – PTR 2.3 Crusader – Hammerdin Set Explained

Hey guys, today I go over the basics of the new Hammerdin set, with some G45/T10 gameplay. I also discuss general itemization concepts, 1h vs. 2h setups, playstyle, limitations, and more. Enjoy & discuss!

Crusader Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOh14k39ypt83SBI2A-kiGVOHF0D0ErJF

Patch: PTR 2.3

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  1. Great video, great set, it looks fucking BADASS, very Death Knight :p. Still can't decide between a Hammerdin and a Generator Monk for Season 4…  I'll see how Shenlong is after the nerf 😉

    Anyone else think it's funny that they named the Hammerdin weapon and shield after Johanna from Heroes of the Storm, but she doesn't actually HAVE Blessed Hammer as an ability?  Only as a talent for Condemn…

  2. if i had the gear for a hammadin i'd try using the belt + focus/restraint with zodiac cubed. (and go for a little more toughness with gems instead of unity)
    zodiac boosts cdr so good you can keep epiphany up with nothing but paragon + diamond as a monk, and 1handed hammadins seem to cast pretty fast as well.
    Might of the Earth might be a better set for falling sword builds though 😉

  3. Have you considered Obsidian Ring Of The Zodiac + Akarat's Awakening (on either yourself or the cube) and going for Akkarat's Champion to see at least what's the uptime? You might not need Unity (and it'd be group viable then too), since Prophet (duh) would be such a huge buff to toughness… if you can get it to full uptime or close.

  4. Have played the pony sader and the bombardment sader in the past. I tried hammer sader at the very beginning but it just couldnt compare to other builds. I now play the rolands shield bash sader setup, but will def be switching back to hammers in the next patch.

  5. blizzard finally got a build right with hammerdin. So much diversity. Looking at the leaderboards there are many different setups.  I've been using furnace with the limitless rune and I actually cubed hexing pants and obsidian ring. For gems I've been using taeguk, bane of the trapped and the gogok. For rings CoE and unity.

  6. Been testing this set all weekend playing HC T8-T10 rifts. Using a generator + BH + F/R yielded by far the biggest crit numbers. Yes it can be a pain to maintain the generator buff up (no issues maintaining the BH one b/c you're spamming them a lot), but IMO it's worth it if you are trying to push GR. For T10 and under, I think you maybe right, probably a bit easier playstyle to just go CoE/Unity/Zodiac etc. Also seems like cubing a Furnace is BiS…there are people who wanna test Frosties/Rimeheart etc but with the CC changes coming in 2.3 may not be worth it to go cold damage. As far as cubing armor, Reapers Wraps were awesome for regen, Ice Climbers for the cold dam immunity, but actual T10 rifts and bounties…to me BiS ended up being the Gloves of Worship. Getting a 10 min speed shrine buff hard to beat in regular torment mode, or empowerment shrine etc. Going to be a lot of nostalgic fun when 2.3 goes live 🙂

  7. I've reached 57 with this build so far without optimal gear (only a few ancient pieces) lol, Holy is definitely the way to go though Limitless is ridiculous. So far from what I gather as well Life Per Wrath spent will also be a really big thing too. I'm using Furnace with Johannas Argument Cubed, for some reason leorics crown is bugged on ptr for the cube as well was planning on using that for armor slot and then Obsidian Ring as jewelry slot for Akkarat's Champion being up a large amount of the time. I usually just horsey around until I find big packs and progress the rift that way.


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