Diablo 3 – PTR 2.2 – Monk Inna’s Set Explained

Hey guys, today I want to go over the basics of the ‘new’ Inna’s set coming in 2.2, as the patch notes can be confusing. I go over the additional gear pieces, bugs, the new/modified bonuses, showcase the 6 piece ‘triple attack’, and discuss various gearing strategies for combining Inna’s, Sunwuko, Crudest Boots, and various weapons. Enjoy!

Monk Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOh14k39ypt_g6X44EGPjME1bHykerVIz

Patch: PTR 2.2

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  1. I wonder if the new seasonal legendary monk weapon that adds seven strikes to seven-sided strike applies to the allies. Cause I'm thinking that 42 fulminating strikes = instant mob destruction.

  2. If you swap the Krelm bracer for Gungdo Gear your exploding palm casts will proc Sunwuko and the extra Wave of Light casts will set off chain explosions more easily.  Seems like a no-brainer to me.  Inna+SWK+Gungdo in Season 2 is the most fun I've had playing Diablo 3, by far.

  3. How can you use SoJ +double Unity? For the 4p SW you need gloves, shoulders, helm and amulet. In order to get 6p Inna you need chest, belt, pants, boots, daibo and oh wait there are no items left since you already used the head and gloves slot…

  4. Hmm… 6th bonus – no love to Tempest Rush, that's unfortunate.
    Quite good set as it is, but not even close as the new barbarian IK, that's also shame.
    Where the permanent Epiphany btw? meh…

    Ty for review, Mik.

  5. All nice and fine, however, I'm afraid (since they said Sunwuko will get 6 pc bonus), that the 500% damage will be moved to 6 pc bonus instead of 4 as it is now.
    Still, it's PTR, let's hope for the best.

  6. I don't think your allies benefit from the sunwuko 500% dmg multiplier atm, which honestly makes them pretty useless in greater rifts. The extra 1400% dmg from 2 allies casting something like wof, is very insignificant compared to the resource costs reduction of a torch or the 40% elite dmg from the furnace. If they keep it like this (allies only do base skill dmg), they should honestly change that 6 set to a 5 set bonus, to allow people to use a proper wap or helmet.

  7. I think with Unity passive, the damage depends (now) on the distance between you and your allies. I'd say it's above 50 feet radius when the damage drops.

  8. I don't play a monk a whole lot so I probly don't know what I'm talking about, but I had a question when you mentioned the Unity passive. Does the clone that the sunwuko set bonus spawns count towards it's own stack or no? It's such a short lived summon that I have no idea and I don't have enough gear to try it for myself. Was just curious.

  9. The unity passive is the same on live. If you equip Inna's 4 piece without crudest boots and no Templar then you will get 15% damage boost because your one ally is being affected by 3 different mantras. So with crudest boots you essentially get 6 mantra shared allies hitting the cap of 20% with only 2 allies.

  10. Thanks for explaining I was pretty confused myself. Quick question, when it says your clones use the same moves you do, is it doing the same amount of damage as you (effectively making them like sentries for DH), and if so, would the damage be increased if your gear gives +damage to mystic ally (like +damage to sentries for DH)? If yes to both, Monks will OWN the the high tier GRs! And probably speed clear T6 in like 40 secs (which they can probably do now anyway but still)


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