Diablo 3 – PTR 2.2 Item Discussion – Schaefer’s Hammer

Hey guys, today I want to explain and showcase the mechanics of the updated Schaefer’s Hammer coming in patch 2.2 It’s been reworked to deal significant AoE damage whenever you use a lightning attack. If you’re focusing on a melee lightning-based build, this may be a very competitive weapon, as it’s capable of critting for over 50m on trash mobs and over 90m on elites – every second. Enjoy & discuss!

Specific Item Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOh14k39ypt8CiBbyq2jFHWWX2_xAMkWT

Patch: PTR 2.2

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  1. This weapon forces thorn builds to go lightning. With Wreath of Lightning, Ess of Johann, Death Watch Mantle, Thunder Gods Vigor or if you have a better Omnislash, Wyrdward, Ancient Parthan Defenders and Vo'Toyias Spiker. Now i ended up wiriting almost all slots down >_<

  2. But mr. Meathead, does it have a proc coeffecient? This may decide wether I will or will not pick up wreath of lightning along with my fist of the heavens (fissure) crusader

  3. I have a near 4.3k dps one with 800%+ damage on it's legendary power in PTR. Tried it on a WW barb, it worked decently well, but won't replace IK Boulder Breaker. Saw damage ticks crit up to 200m with it with WotB up. This is post nerf of the IK 6 piece bonus, where it's currently only 100% more damage as the 6 piece bonus. I would have wondered how much it could have done pre-nerf though. 

  4. Hey Mikhail, are you sure this item will need to be re-acquired in 2.2?  I thought the rule was that if an item already had a legendary power on it and a change was made to it, then it was retro-active.  For example, this was true when Stalgard's Decimator was buffed, when Furnace was changed, etc.  It was my understanding that only items which didn't have a legendary power to begin with, which then are modified to receive one, would need to be re-acquired.  I could be wrong but I would hate for someone to disenchant an awesome Schafer's right now simply because they thought it would be worthless in a couple weeks only to find out that's not true!

  5. if u think for example that it ticks for 100 mil it would be a great addition for a raekor barb or a monk because that would be 6 billion a minute nice vid m8 i keep on thinkin about new builds becos of ur vids thx

  6. Excellent video, as always. Do you know if there is a list of which items will be Season 3 exclusive? I haven't been able to find anything myself, and I thought you mentioned one of the rings was confirmed S3. 

  7. Stupid question: Is this game still online only? Its on sale for $20 right now, but I only play at work,where the internet goes in and out. Would i just be throwing away money?

  8. Since ya' ask so kindly, I will thumbs up, even though it's something I usually don't do and I don't often take requests. These videos ARE helpful, so thank you for that!

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