Diablo 3 – PTR 2.2 – Barbarian Wrath of the Wastes Set Explained

Hey guys, today I want to explain and showcase the mechanics of the new Wrath of the Wastes Barbarian set – also known as the Whirlwind set – coming in patch 2.2. I discuss the set bonuses, scaling with various damage modifiers, the case for using (or not using) Rend, and do a ~1:30 T6 rift. Enjoy, discuss, and be on the lookout for specific build videos combining this set and the ‘new’ Immortal Kings!

Barbarian Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOh14k39ypt_W_Jgp9j3b9Cw5heTHOK29

Patch: PTR 2.2

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  1. As always thanks for the video, the key weapons most people don't have I guess you just go with any 1handers if you don't have them?  I also have resource cost reduction where i can I'm at 26.84% using Ancient Gift of Silaria and Fulminator (it has lightning damage effect on it).  I also am using Thundergod's Visor belt idk if this setup is any good though. Also since you don't ever use Rend taking Call of the Ancients with the cold/stun rune on it can help with annoying monsters – at least its something to use when Berzerker is off cooldown (again because you'll never use Rend in 99% of situations so its a wasted spot. You could also take another damage booster like Overpower.

  2. So you farm for set of 6 pieces just so that you can enjoy using 1 skill. I think Lineage eternal will be better than that game, but I am waiting for the Lost ark to come out and I will never play D3 again after that haha.

  3. i like the ideals u have going there man iv been thinkin what if u could add in RORG and 2p ik set to the mix for the perma wraith ww with rorg u will keep ur 6p waste bonus plus 3p ik bonus wuts your thoughts thx


  4. So this is a physical only set?  Seems like using anything but would be gimping yourself not just by a little bit, but a massive amount of damage.  What a shame.. fun set made sour with a lack of choices : 

  5. Once again, great vid.  I'm SO looking forward to playing with this set.  Using a 2-piece IK bonus, the guardians can provide constant Fury, or do damage…it's going to be a ton of fun.  🙂

  6. kind of an uninspired set though. whirlwind and rend, deal more damage, you take less damage? you're playing the exact same way you could without this set, just not as effectively. zzzzz.

  7. Really enjoy your videos. Very concise and articulate. Which legendary gems do you think will shine with this set? Which off set pieces do you think will compliment this set/build well?

  8. I really hope, HOPE this doesnt get nerfed. The way this is…. is competitive with the EP monk and dh finally. hopefully wiz and wd gets a buff as good. Super exciting.

  9. So was the little rogue/slanderer BIS over like ashbringer or bulkathos? I was thinking definitley little rogue because the attack speed bonus is absolutely bonkers and it has a direct correlation with WW. I have ancient little rogue and slanderer waiting in seasons 😀

  10. Hey man, Im just curious how you have double set ancient weapons… along with a whole 6 piece set and some of it being ancient with crazy good rolls. I play this game often and I have never come close to getting that good of a build except for when the auction house was active.

  11. You think it would be worth dropping SOJ for RORG and using Hexing Pants? Really can't wait for this build. Have ancient Bul Kathos set weps from S2 ready to go.
    Spin it to win it 4 life

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