Diablo 3 – PTR 2.1 – Barbarian Raekor's Furious Charge Explained

Today I present my first PTR testing video where I showcase the new (awesome) changes to Furious Charge, specifically when used with the Raekor’s set.

In this video I talk about the range/animation updates, pathing improvements (it’ll take you around waller!), permafreezing, damage immunity, and demo the new Telebarb. Enjoy!

Patch: PTR 2.1

Raekor’s Furious Charge explained: http://youtu.be/_zKKy4WK84M
Raekor’s Fire Build: http://youtu.be/Py_31aDf6oI
Raekor’s Lightning Build: http://youtu.be/I6Lo_iVHXf0

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  1. I need some basic knowledge about raekors and i wonder if you know enough of what you're doing to give me those precious infos.

    1) How much can the damage increase from VileWard stack?
    2) Does the damageincrease stack multiplicatively oder additively?
    3) Have u tested if + %elementaldamage stillt affects FC when you use switch the fire rune while still getting out 1050% weapondamage?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. this is typical blizzard shit, the most fun is always in PTR, when it gets released, all these will get nerfed so hard that you won't even want to bother.

  3. so do barbs still insta die without unity at rift gaurds? also if u dont have a generator up like frenzy or cleave how to u kill the rg? thanks 4 all the barb videos u have been putting up i hope this class makes a comeback and has other builds other than jus leapquake…also id like to see a lightning version of this build, cuz u said in the proc video u made that lightning weps will scale with lightning dmg on gear, so im very interested in a lighting build with odyn son and soh…maybe take that cindercoat off, rorg off, and run a unity , 5 piece raekors with ice climbes, strongarms, idk something liek that maybe…great vidoes bro i def subscribed 2 ur channel…

  4. Rend > HotA, no brainer. Even then it is still a poor build. You are wasting all that fury available to you, a good build should always utilise the resource and always be on the move. The build shown only indicates a barb can run fast(er), even though there was a few times where you were literally just standing still waiting for the cool down…Also the video would have been far more convincing if you at least took out a pack of elite.
    EQ is way stronger and faster imo so I think this set would just be a "for fun" set, sorry to disappoint. I guess the most important thing is that you like the game play though, I'm using CotA + Ancient Spear (fury dump) + Weapon Throw – it's fun, but it kinda sucks 🙂 Good to see Furious Charge is at least usable now too.

  5. The lacking single boss damage makes this set bad. Trash is not really important. a Leap earthquake barb can kill trash almost as fast but he does much more Boss damage.

  6. Still pisses me off that it took them this long to fix this. People have been complaining (me among them) about dying multiple times because Charge decided it's just gonna move two inches and leave you in the middle of the pack and nothing happened. Rebalances came, nothing happened. Expansion, still nothing. It took for people to complain about Raekor that they finally did something about it. If one of the skills they designed is barely even functional and they are ok leaving it that way for two years, their QA needs some drastic improvements.

  7. I'm a intermediate barb player .. but I still don't understand why you'd sacrifice a fury generater skill in your build.. Sure it's great for mob density but when it comes to soloing a boss / elite.. you're screwed no?

  8. aren't they releasing a barb 2-hander that has a special effect for furious charge? I could've swore i heard something about it, or maybe that was just the vile ward

  9. Great vid man but can you do more vids(often) evennif there short about other class sets like the firebird set and the 1k monk set that idk if they buffed till now… Dont upload like 1 vid per week about 2.1 its not enough, i would like to see more from you you re a good player 😀

  10. it looks more like a bad version of ds monk u can do over 100 mill damage with ds build on monks this is not worth it and i doubt u gona have success in greater rifts 


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