Diablo 3 – PTR 2.1.2 – Solo T6 Immortality With New Legendary Gems

Today I want to show you guys how to achieve immortality on T6 without sacrificing too much damage by utilizing the new legendary gems coming in the next patch – Molten Wildebeest’s Gizzard and Esoteric Alteration. When combined with double Unity, a single defensive passive like Barbarian’s Relentless, Rogar’s Huge Stone, and a bit of extra resists, it’s fairly easy to become nigh unkillable on T6 – aka making Hardcore not so Hard.

In this video I describe the gem interaction, go over the gear, skills, paragon points, and show how it actually works. Say hello to over 100k passive life regeneration and ridiculous damage mitigation. For those wondering, I will be making greater rift videos expanding on this concept – without Unity – to showcase the possibilities for support builds. Enjoy!

Support Monk Greater Rift Immortality: http://youtu.be/Tr7GQzE41oI

Legendary gems coming in 2.1.2:

Esoteric Alteration: http://youtu.be/ImqObZ13CFU
Gem of Ease: http://youtu.be/P_42xKM268M
Molten Wildebeest’s Gizzard: http://youtu.be/AMOKzxs_pBU

Note: everything on PTR is subject to change.

Patch: PTR 2.1.2

Thanks for watching and Thumbs Up if you like the video! Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions in the comments below and be sure to check out:

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  1. My barb has the MWG and EA gems on and my non-physical resistances are effectively 100%+ with 84% physical resist. I'm at the point, I literally can't die. Still limited on overall GR runs because I'm spec'd for tank and not DPS. 🙁 But even so, my WW/blade thrower build is pretty effective. Still working on Ancient sets but did get a normal set piece with twin perfects of 500/500 str/vit and 91 resist all. Couldn't complain on that.

  2. i am really enjoying diablo 3 and i have as much fun playing it as when i started, but every time i watch one of your videos im getting so excited and wanna play more, you are making me have a great time : )

  3. Hello and thank you for the commentary!

    I play a Hardcore DH and am looking forward to something like this when the new patch comes out. Question: what legendary gems would you recommend I use to maximize damage mitigation without giving up too much damage output? My profile (Hardrake1740) Thanks for your time…

  4. i know you already do so much but could you test the dominane skill on mage with the gem that gives you a shield, also wearing prides fall. i am really curious about it but i dont have time to do it myself.

  5. For T6 i rather use Boon of the Hoarder + Goldwrap, you become immortal after your first kill depending on your gold %,you can also use avarice band to maximize your efficiency.


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