Diablo 3 – Monk – Season 2 Fresh Level 70 Torment Progression Guide

Hey guys, today I want to talk a bit more in-depth about fresh level 70 progression concepts so you can get to Torment difficulty efficiently. Two caveats: this is with regards to solo play and without anything cheesy like endless/boring Cursed Chest runs or targeted bounties. I discuss when to save/sell items, what to pick up, gem leveling, tier-by-tier greater rifts to acquire Pain Enhancer/Efficacious Toxin gems for 2-3x total damage output, and more.

While I am focusing a bit on Season 2 Monk, this applies to non-Season classes/specs of all sorts as well. Enjoy!

Guide for pre-70 leveling: http://youtu.be/HpVl6_FCzxE

Patch: 2.1.2

Thanks for watching and Thumbs Up if you like the video! Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions in the comments below and be sure to check out:

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  1. It's nice to see how often you reply to comments. Your videos are well thought out, and its great to see other build options/opinions. Quin is the monk master but you make some good points. Keep up the good work.

  2. @Ludak021 if you dont have a torch or go Cindercoat fire, it's better to have a generator. EP is a must have, and should be used more often instead of Wave of Light when starting out. Air Ally is another must, sweeping wind should not be used until you have Inna's, blinding light with regen passive should.

  3. I am not sure who you are talking to …maybe vet players but I as a newish player leveling a fresh 70 monk had no idea what you are talking about in half that video ..like when you talked about the gems ? Can you make a video that would help new players ? If not thanks anyways .

  4. actually, you need at least 2 sunwuko pieces A S A P because that boosts you from T1 to T4 like right away. Every exp palm cast will cast a 1000% dmg clone that will scale of elemental dmg and those things are gonna pop up all the time and proc all those exploding palms and clear screens, and really, for the price of some 30ish spirit you get more dmg than with any other skill.
    Those boots are very good indeed but they give you 4 extra mana regen which is more than that passive that you tookΒ  but still not that much. I don't have them but then again I don't really need them with proper usage of epiphany Insight rune (just pop in champs or bosses/RG and spam the hell out of WoL). I don't want to come off rude or anything because I liked your builds so far but Quin68 (Quin C) has a much better starter monk build that doesn't rely on any gear and has more spirit regen without using Air Ally. But you probably already checked that out and are trying something new. Also, I really don't like the generator, it's not needed at all, sweeping wind inner storm on 3 stacks (you can keep it up easily most of the time) does more damage and gives 8 spirit. Exploding palm is very cheap and with lightning rune you get two palms per cast, I'd swap that generator for exp palm in a heart beat πŸ™‚

  5. I wonder if there is a seasonal buff for characters?

    I have gotten 3 vaults in a single session (Sitting pretty at 60 mil) Got an ancient Gyrfalcones foote, An ancient cindercoat and A Blade of prophecy (Can't use until i find another gift) And i am only a paragon 80 crusader….

    Either there is a hidden buff or i got EXTREMELY lucky and will never get anything good for another month XD.

  6. Great Vid! It's an interesting different take, I'll start grinding to 70 this week end. Of note, Quin69 had a similar video up where he showed how powerful EP is even without gundo at T1 torment with crap gear, I can't vouch for it myself yet though. Maybe you can try it out and see if EP-ing everything and dropping 1 pillar is more effective than dropping multiple pillars early on

  7. I found that doing bounties on Master difficulty in public games was an excellent way to level up in the first 24 hours of the season. I guess that might not work so well now if there aren't enough people playing to fill up those games. I did run solo at times just because there wasn't anyone else to join my game. I ended up at lvl 70 with nearly 100 rift keys. Crafted some gear to fill out spots that had really low level gear. Did torment 1 rifts until I got a few trials keys, and farmed all the legendary gems. I like to run bounties while waiting for the timer in grifts. Once I had my leg gems I was able to jump straight to T4 and after a few hours of public rifting at that difficulty I had enough gear to go to T6 and inside of 8 hours of play I was ready to carry 4 man groups in T6. The seasons progression really is very fast.

  8. Hi Mikhail ! Those Guide-Videos are awesome as always as well as your 1-70 series. All I am saying is "very nice" ! πŸ˜€ I also have a quick question. I was lucky enough to find a pretty decent Furnace. All that is missing is a Ramalandi's Gift and a sh**load of gold to get that +10% damage enchantment. The question is: In case I get my hands on that ramalandi's gift, is it wise to use it on that Furnace and will that Furnace be of great use regarding the upcoming builds ? Or will I have to trade it for some other mandatory weapons in the long run to make certain builds playable ? As always, thanks in advance and keep up the awesome work ! Love that channel of yours !

  9. Yor videos make me sad πŸ™
    Because I realize how cursed I am with drops. You paragon lvl 49 here and already legendary potion? In non season i have 370 paragon and I still dont have even one lol. In s2 I dont have either (para 67), 12 rifts so far on t1 and not even one trials key. Fuk my RNG πŸ™


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