Diablo 3 – Micro Transactions Coming – Commentary

Hey guys, with micro transactions coming Soon™ – to the Asian region (most likely as a trial before hitting EU/US) – I wanted to take some time and give you my thoughts on the matter. There are two types of players in this game – those who hate the concept and those who love it. I’m the latter, and I’ve pushed for/discussed/explained why D3 desperately needs micro.

In this video I present my argument for not only why micro is a good thing, but also how it will benefit everyone – including those players who vehemently oppose it – based on my near 20 years experience with Blizzard games and how non performance enhancing micro is benefiting games like Heroes of the Storm. Enjoy!

Blue post: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/16410220920

Why D3 becomes boring: http://youtu.be/ZIxn9g1wxyg

Patch: 2.1.2

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  1. Cool vid, and thoughts… totally agree with your arguments.. It seems logical to me that they will keep working on the game if they get a new stream of revenue …. but the people in denial who  thinks otherwise… i think they will be proved wrong.. I would even do pay to play, if I was just promised continuance of development…. 

  2. this micro transactions what kept tf2 going and being developed for a time by valve instead of abandoning the game after release in 2008, although i bought the orange box at full price at release, i didn't feel sad or cheated for them adding mann .co store and then going f2p.
    so if this keeps blizzard adding new content to diablo along hats then i'm all for it, of what use will be your motto of "no pay to win" if no one is playing the game or just few hundreds tops, because of lack of new stuff?

  3. As long as all the micro transactions are obtainable in game through game play, I have no problem with this. I would welcome the change and blizzard needs income to give us faster more frequent updates in game.

  4. I have no problem with cosmetic purchases but paying for exp is pay to win no matter how you look at it. Right now you only look at 800 paragons that are worth getting but think if tomorrow they were to add 5,000 . How are we supposed to make that? oh wait , pay 5 dollars for a 1 hour 400% potion, wonderful.

  5. so weird that there is a game that people are actually asking for micro-transactions for … its a bit weird, because if EA put it in their games there is an outcry

  6. i do not find this Pay 2 Win, gain the xp is pretty easy until level 600+ like you said, then the real grind starts i guess, i am not even 500, i'm only 475 but what i do see pay 2 win is that you need to purches* (buying) just to progness (be more powerful or enjoy the game more).

  7. Yes yes on the wings and pets, I wanted those collector wings but I don't feel like dropping 300$ for them, 5$ is my sweet spot, feels like I'm not cheating the devs out of much nor I'm I getting cheated, that's like a coffee I can skip on. Exp boost, idc if it's not about lowering current rate, I know of games that do that to make you buy the exp boost. My best hope is it just works till lvl 70, cause we all have level at least 1-3 chars already, but than again that legend gem gets you to lvl 70 in ah hour so idk. Yes on pets, yes on wings, yes on cosmetics, iffy on the stash and exp, but I see data mine showed extra game content please don't make that buy only or at least make it one time fee like an xpac

  8. In my opinion, bigger stash space is not cosmetic issue but gameplay advantage ( bigger stash space means more items) !!! The same stash space for everyone = no gameplay advantage !!! I don´t agree with experience boost as well. I agree only with cosmetics. ( pets, wings and graphic improvements)

  9. i am only 26, when i played D2 i may have been to young to understand. from what i know pvp in d2 was broken. in d1 pvp was broken. the classes and gear were never balanced.
    i love the diablo franchise and simply love killing shit, and finding loot under logs and stones. thats all that maters.
    i am all for micro transactions if that means diablo 3 will have many, sold expansions, and many free content patches. just like world of warcraft.

    birds eye view, and constant clicking makes the game what it allways has been.(d1, d2)

    if you need more stache space, delete some shit. you will find more. and if you play, you will find a "perfect" item. (max stats, in the best stats, no re-roll required. Best in slot)

  10. I just want wings…

    Purple wings, Black wings (Badass!) Red wings.. Blue wings…Grey wings… Pink wings..


    and yes i know, Wings of valor blah blah blah… Those wings are booty.

  11. If they want me to give them more money for inventory space, fine, i would pay, they win, I surrender, shut up and take my money. that's all I have to say really

  12. Oh bullshit, every bit of money they put into their own "brand" will be money well invested..Micro$ for a game like D is nothing but a cash grab, look whos in change, look who sits at the top, dont be fooled.

  13. So sales from the game itself + sales from the expansion(over 60 million copies combined total) + RMAH(pure profit) wasn't enough to give us PvP. But some microtransactions for bullshit from the VASTLY SMALLER playerbase will be enough to give us PvP + much MORE(according to you)?

    You are fucking HIGH if you believe this.

    Any money you dump into this game will NOT be going back into this game in any meaningful measurement. Pretty much ALL of it will be going into future & current titles that will actually be profitable long term for them.

    I have no problem with you dumping money on mt's as long as it doesn't affect the leaderboards in any way(so no to the paid exp boost imo).

    I appreciate your belief that some mt's from a much much smaller playerbase will have some sort of lasting effect on this game, but it really won't imo. Also, the fact that MANY players will be DRIVEN AWAY from the game by the idea of mt's means potentially WAY LESS in any future expansion sales that may happen, because they did something many people don't want.

    Do you honestly think there's enough players left to provide enough revenue in microtransactions to not only give us what the combined sales of the original game + expansion + the pure profit RMAH couldn't provide, but also provide enough revenue to make up for lost future expansion sales from people who just hate mt's for whatever reason?

    All the money that ActiBlizzard has already made on D3 wasn't enough to do what you said your mt's will do. Microtransactions from an even more declining playerbase because of mt's in the first place(if they come to the US) isn't even going to come close to what would be needed. How many mt's do you think you all would need to provide to do this?

    You even said in your own video, MANY PEOPLE DONT WANT THIS. Do you honestly think ActiBlizzard will risk losing way more possible future expansion sales for this game by doing something with great financial risk, that MANY PEOPLE DONT WANT? I don't think they're that dumb.

  14. I been back playing again, I can't believe how dead it is and to be honest this is way too late and won't change anything in the long term people might come back for a short period than leave again always happens the game does not have enough things to do and a few micro transactions isn't going change it. Blizzard already made a ton of money off game it's one of the biggest selling games of all time on PC.

  15. I think an interesting point in continuing game development on Blizzard's side is with the genres and esports. Look at Starcraft 2, like any other esports game such as LoL, DOTA2, CS:GO, undoubtedly HotS in the future will be funded by outside resources/means. 

    But D3 is a different game entirely and there's really no sense of competition due to the nature of RNG, PVP doesn't exist in any form. But the question is, would an ARPG such as D3 still continue to grow with developer support long after it's expired due date? I wish I knew, I do support micro-transactions for it to keep the game alive. But I think it is a slippery slope and shouldn't give players and real advantages like buying loot (AH before it got taken down). Though the correct model they are trying is cosmetic changes, a microtranaction suggested awhile back and still needs to be implemented are more stash tabs, or even buying more character slots so you can have extra mules, or just want another 70 to do a different spec with, etc. 

    Blizzard, look to Path of Exile if you want to know a perfectly working and reasonable micro-transaction model. That's all you need to learn from and can gain funds as well as continued development into D3. But they got greedy when RMAH was around and they took a cut of it. That stigma is hard to forget and can even dissuade people on the fence to come back to play D3 let alone support it in any capacity no matter how much the game has changed and improved.

  16. I'm actually for micro-transactions, as long as it's cosmetics or things like stash space. Don't like them? Don't buy. People will be funding the next patches for you. However, XP boost, magic find boost, whatever of that kind, isn't ok at all.

  17. The bottom of the line is that Blizzard is a business and needs to make money they will make content that some people will like and some people don't like. I am really excited about this microtransaction thing and im so for it. TAKE MY MONEY BLIZZ AND GIVE ME BONE WINGS!

  18. i wouldn't mind this at all. that way we are not forced to buy special editions of WoW, SC2 etc. for the blademaster banner, kerrigan wings or the pet (maybe even white wings) i hate the yellow ones :D. sweet..what I always wanted in the game is a cloak(just visual to keep it simple) that would look bad ass 

  19. At the height of RMAH and the big fat cut Blizzard took from that ordeal, updates were laughably slow, thinking microtransactions would fuel more game updates is being in denial. The truth of the matter is Blizzard doesn't care for D3 they know its a subpar game for their own standards and they milked everything they could out of it with the RMAH and the sales from Vanilla and RoS on both PC and consoles. Microtransactions in a retail ARPG product is a joke. This isn't PoE. I didn't pay a 100 dollars to see microtransactions in D3.

  20. Sounds good and all, but i wonder if micro transactions will push d3 development. Look at wow, tons of dollars, and content is still lackluster.

    I dont mind buying some nice transmogs, beccause i do so in PoE, but i expect money to improve the game, instead of empty promises.

    I guess we will see how it goes. Looking forward to it.

  21. I'm one of those who love the idea of bringing micro-transactions to the mix. I didn't like the auction-house "pay-to-play" approach, but I would gladly pay to obtain some game-experience improvements, including cosmetic enhancements and additional character slots. I'm the kind of person who pays extra for a deluxe version if I can afford it for these very reasons. I will not, most likely, ever be the kind of person who has the time/energy/commitment to reach #1 on a leader board. For a casual player who just wants to enjoy the game and have a little more data space to do that in, I'm definitely in.

  22. personally I hate the idea of a pay to win game, I paid for the game so I don't have to play f2p mmos which are always pay to win
    paying just for looks is something I don't care about, but paying for xp is just wrong


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