Diablo 3 – How to Find and Upgrade All Legendary Gems Fast

Today I want to show you guys a fast way to optimize your trial key and greater rift runs to quickly acquire and efficiently level all of your legendary gems. In this video I talk about tier stacking, optimal speed clearing prior to upgrade turn-in, and more.

Bonus: because gems are guaranteed drops until you acquire all of them, if you’re looking for a specific gem for an alt, give them access to all gems except the one you want and you’ll find it after your next greater rift clear! Enjoy!

Reddit mini spreadsheet with upgrade probabilities: http://www.reddit.com/r/Diablo/comments/2eq4k8/ros_21_legendary_gems_guide/

Legendary gem mechanics explained:

Bane of the Powerful: http://youtu.be/utQ7tRGnzhQ
Bane of the Trapped: http://youtu.be/4DI_exBJj3U
Boon of the Hoarder: http://youtu.be/GOYpcvDktdw
Efficacious Toxin: http://youtu.be/9DEtJN_mDzs
Enforcer: http://youtu.be/GtBSHH5fSeM
Gogok of Swiftness: http://youtu.be/4mPG3Or_TS4
Mirinae, Teardrop of the Starweaver (Smite): http://youtu.be/dbJFGSmt_VA
Pain Enhancer: http://youtu.be/MgNeN2v3pj4
Simplicity’s Strength: http://youtu.be/whH6ei_kMoY
Taeguk: http://youtu.be/4ovdLNJ1cT8
Wreath of Lightning (Conduit): http://youtu.be/zMb6ZYtkDwI
Zei’s Stone of Vengeance: http://youtu.be/RVQW75uJkQ8

Proc coefficients: http://www.d3maxstats.com/procrates/

Patch: 2.1.0

Thanks for watching and Thumbs Up if you like the video! Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions in the comments below and be sure to check out:

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  1. "let me know, what you think, in the comments below."
    after the changes in season 4,
    also the increase in your public speaking, (verbal)scrip writing skills, and D3 knowledge…
    i think you could remake this video.
    no hate.

  2. when i did this in season three, farming rank 13 grifts, ranking all gems to 3, i found many many well rolled items, like witching hour and furnace.
    do you find this is the same in season 4?
    i feel that while farming rank9 below torment 1, and up to rank 13 or 14, below t 2. one will find many items that effect skills, like lob blob rune staves, and bracers for crusaders and barbarians.
    do you disagree with this thinking?

  3. Hi, am new to diablo 3 and started playing only 2 days ago on hard so am wondering about legendary items:

    Are they only acquirable through adventure mode which you unlock after you finish the story?? If not is there a method to getting them during the campaign or is it all down to luck??

  4. Hmm. beyond the first level of all these gems, seems more time effective, especially if you can already clear GR25+, to just trial some to the mid-teens, to get your 100%s there as well. The first 3-4 gems are usually the hardest to get to lvl25 (or 15+) of course.

  5. Looking for new or old diablo 3 ROS players on PS3 ,if anyone wishes to join me for rift runs or adventure runs ,u can add me on psn- my_retributions .Hv a good day/night 🙂

  6. So I'm getting lots of different answers when I try to find this out but do legendary gems have a cap? or is it more of a soft cap since it would be near impossible to upgrade a gem to 100 since that would require getting up to at least a 94 greater rift? I have also heard different gems have different caps, really hoping for some clarification please 🙂

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