Diablo 3 – Crusader – LoN Pony Fastest Speed Farm Build

Hey guys, today I show what I consider to be the fastest T10 speed farm build for a Crusader. This is essentially a Legacy of Nightmares Bombardment build but with an adjustment for the pony – using In-geom and Swiftmount instead of Mortal Drama, as the extra bombs are overkill for T10. Furthermore, on most maps you’ll have long spans where your In-geom buff will drop off and perma-horse won’t be possible, so having 4 seconds instead of 2 will mitigate that once you hit above 60% CDR. It has a moderate gear requirement – I’m still missing an ideal piece (Gloves of Worship), several rolls, and only using 10/13 ancients, but it still 1 shots everything. Based on some commentary regarding even more movement speed, note that your horse has a tick rate and if you move too fast you will actually miss doing damage. Enjoy & discuss!

Build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/crusader#OgXVTQ!ZfTS!aZaaZY

2.5 minute G55 clear using this build: https://youtu.be/UDnV781SI6I

Norvald/Akkhan Pony Speed Farm Build (slower but easier to gear for): https://youtu.be/OvHpizJYg_Y

Crusader Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list

Patch: 2.4

Thanks for watching and Thumbs Up if you like the video! Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions in the comments below and be sure to check out:

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  1. Question – so today I lucked out and got an Ancient Swiftmount. It has weapon dmg (1486-1815), Str, Vit, and 16% area damage. Obvious I'd want to roll out of one of those for a socket to stick a topaz in, but not sure which one. I know most of our damage for this build comes from thorns, but since Bombardment's base damage does rely on weapon dmg, should I keep the weapon dmg and roll out of the area damage instead?

  2. Having more Cooldown Reduction, Strength, Vitality, and Physical Damage for Iron Skin – Reflective Skin and Akarat's Champion – Rally greatly improves Thorns dps for speed farming. For weapons, Doombringer is optional and VO'TOYIAS SPIKER is perfect which cause enemies affected by Provoke take double damage from Thorns.

  3. Man I am so casual I understood nothing from this video. Only been playing for maybe a couple weeks and have a level 70 crusader with some legendary stuff. Thought I'd look up some guides and stuff but there's really nothing basic around. Damn. Cool vid I guess, I think I'm far far away from the items that you have that let you ride the horse forever =[

  4. Only thing better than this in 2.4 in my experience is Flash Fire wizard with Sage's 3pc. Love my LoN sader… tons of fun and completely different build that anything else in the game thus far.

  5. Thank you for noting that you aren't always going to have great elite/pylon/shrine density. So sick of speed farm guides that rely entirely on in-geom and then show us a graveyard clear. >.< I'm looking forward to trying this out. I've already been having fun with blessed shield this season. Just a "fun spec" for me.

  6. I use a similar setup except with the movement speed law.

    I know for T10 things die so fast that it doesn't matter, but I noticed you were popping iron skin before casting bombardment. To my understanding bombardment snapshots so you want to pop iron skin before bombardment to get the buff. Again, I realize it's just T10, but I thought i'd throw it out there. Thanks for the vid!

  7. Laws of Hope – Wings of Angels, Akarat's Champion – Rally, Gloves of worship and Mr Yan Pant's, Firewalkersor or Illusoryry boots. This is how you can do solo gr 60 EASY! Not to mention t10, bounties and other activities.

  8. do rifts to get keys to do the same rifts over again..do rifts to get keys to do the same rifts over again..do rifts to get keys to do the same rifts over again..do rifts to get keys to do the same rifts over again..do rifts to get keys to do the same rifts over again..do rifts to get keys to do the same rifts over again.. THIS GAME IS SOOOO FUN

  9. Good guide and definitely the best T10 build for crusader (if not overall).
    Here are some minor things i like to do to speed it up even further:
    * Replace Laws of Justice with Laws of Hope/Wings of Angels
    * Boon of the Horder (instead of Bane of the Trapped) and Avarice Band in cube
    * Wear Heart of Iron and put Warzechian Armguards in cube
    Oh and obviously Hexing Pants are BIS.


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