Diablo 3 – Barbarian G32 – Call of the Ancients + Generator Build

Today I want to show a different build using highly optimized Call of the Ancients and Weapon Throw – a generator only pet hybrid. While this combination is not optimal to reach the highest tiers of Greater Rifts, I did G32 just fine, especially with 92% elite damage with Furnace.

My goal is twofold: to explore the damage potential of pets and the damage potential of a generator using the new Depth Diggers. While this combination isn’t optimal, it’ll hopefully get your head turning on ways to integrate into other established builds like Raekor’s, Leapquake, WW, and so on. In a future follow-up I’ll be looking at what I believe to be the ideal combo of perma-Ancients – Seismic Slam.

In this video I go over the build, gear, paragon points, discuss issues you’ll run into at higher tiers, and solo a G32. I think G33 is possible with better gear/higher ranked gems and G34 with some good luck. Enjoy!

Build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/barbarian#gPjiRk!YXSj!ZZaZac

Legendary Gems: Bane of the Powerful, Enforcer

Patch: 2.1.0

Thanks for watching and Thumbs Up if you like the video! Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions in the comments below and be sure to check out:

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  1. Thanks for the video MeatHead Mikhail! Are you wearing unity with your follower AND ANCIENTS? I've been hearing that unity works with the ancients, and would love to know if this is true. I am playing HC and don't want to die for bad info, so I ask you ^^ Thank you!

  2. Dude, you're videos are really great and I appreciate you taking the time to post these videos. On that note also thanks for doint the CoTA build as it's favorite to date!

  3. Looks like a good working build but tbh i wouldnt play it myself. i prefer more the melee Barb builds like,whirlwind,frenzy etc.
    If im more into a ranged build i play on my Wiz or WD.
    But it sure looks a good viable build like all you upload. 🙂

  4. very nice video!! This is the type of builds we need to explore more and not stick with raekor/leapquake just because they are the top builds for barb that doesnt mean we cant use other skills..keep it coming MM ! We will be checking more of your videos

  5. 10 to 1 ration for crit stats? What is the reasoning behind this? I've heard it before and I just wanna say, it's bullshit, CHD is gonna be lower on a 1H+off-hand build and higher on a 2x1H build,

    Also, is that your "gloating Mikhail" at the part showing us your T&T? Dude, I'm pretty sure some lesser rolls wouldn't destroy these build in making it to GR3x… Hell, I think that IAS should be vitality, you said it yourself, you're dying easly…

  6. Hey Mikhail, I love your vids on barb, gave me a lot of ideas and helped me a lot but I just got to notice that your average rampage stacks are around ~4.5. This is pretty common and even on t6 speed runs your best is going to be around 10, depending on the density and assuming the build is strong. People look at rampage and think "wow, 25% damage and strenght!" but it's not. It's usually a wasted passive from what I have tried and seen so far. I would also like to mention that taskers are good with main stat + CC +CHD, IAS is not really a must and 40-50% range for pets, sure, 50 is better than 40, but I would cry about having just 43% dmg increase, I doubt that you would miss 7% on top of everything else. Keep up the good vids 🙂 Hopefully we get to see some great SSlam vid soon!

  7. what do you think is best on boots? armor or movement speed, i dont feel the armor is doing much for me, and 12% movespeed will give me more str because i dont have to max it in paragons

  8. Hey Mikhail, love your videos, very informative and have helped me out a lot in my play of D3, i was wondering are you planning to do a video on a DH Sentry build? or have you already done one? thanks

  9. I definitely vote no on the depth diggers, but certainly cool that you got 32 down with them. I switch to cota every so often, just bc Raekors is so damn frustrating. Some bosses and packs just can't be done with raekors at higher grifts, fire chains and electrified are usually skipped. Highest I've managed is 35 with 5 min left when rg spawned, but it was voracity, so I lost by 10 sec. Shit's crazy. I would love to optimize this build and see if it's lvl 34 viable. Something that might be fun is frenzy on left click and cleave cold rune on right click, keeping the buff up on each to boost your ancient's damage on the rg, and the only thing you would lose is IP, which is typically used only with pride of cassius and lots of cdr anyway.

  10. yooooooooooo thanks for the video! got two question Meathead,
    ancients are pets as well? ( thought was only for witch dr )
    how can I get the furnace? 
    I've been gambling at least 2.500 a day and nothing but stupid two handed weapons.

  11. Always interesting to see different builds from the norm definitely keen to see this in action when you get the 2.1 fury of the vanished peak. You bring out some really great content man I'm always looking forward to watching your vids :D.

  12. Not a barb question, but based on things like depth diggers and simplicities strength: would you say that running those with a mirrorball on a firebird wizard would be worth more then the mammoth hydra with/without serpent sparker or no?

  13. I think you will get better damage output just by running around with hexing pants without any attack than with this worhless and troublesome weapon throw.


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