MeatHead Diablo 3448 Videos

Diablo 3 – Meteor Spam Fire Wizard Build

Getting tired of Frozen Orb? Try an end-game fire wizard spamming meteors everywhere. Although more gear dependent, fire has the best damage stacking possibilities courtesy of Cindercoat. In this video I go over the build, gear (including BiS items), ideal stats per slot, toughness requirements, fire/elite/meteor damage % modifiers, a very strong 2-hand variation with […]

Diablo 3 – How to Find and Upgrade All Legendary Gems Fast

Today I want to show you guys a fast way to optimize your trial key and greater rift runs to quickly acquire and efficiently level all of your legendary gems. In this video I talk about tier stacking, optimal speed clearing prior to upgrade turn-in, and more. Bonus: because gems are guaranteed drops until you […]

Diablo 3 – PTR 2.1 – Wizard G32 – Firebird + Blizzard/Hydra Build

Today I want to take a look at the new Firebird’s 6 piece set, causing enemies to burn until they die for 3000% weapon damage once you stack it high enough. It’s a very strong build for both speed T6 farming and solo/group Greater Rifts, especially when combined with a slow, hard hitting 2-hander like […]

Diablo 3 vs. Grim Dawn

Hey guys, today I discuss the main differences between Diablo 3 and Grim Dawn, since I’m asked this a lot on stream. Both games are amazing in their own right and – in my opinion – are complimentary to each other. When you get bored with one, play the other. While Diablo 3 has amazing […]

Diablo 3 – Witch Doctor 1-Shot DoT Build

The new passive Creeping Death opens up a lot of possibilities for a DoT Witch Doctor build, particularly one revolving around Locust Swarm, Haunt, and Piranhas. It works great against hordes of whites, elites, and bosses. With more specific gear, you’ll be able to 1 shot an entire screen of white mobs and destroy bosses […]

Diablo 3 – T6 Crusader – Fire Fist Of Heavens Build

Today we look at the final frontier of the Fire Fist of Heavens Crusader: T6. The build remains unchanged from T5, but some additional gear optimization is necessary. This is arguably the fastest solo Crusader build – faster than shotgun due to its AOE ‘cast and move on’ nature. In this video I go over […]

Diablo 3 – T6 Crusader – Heaven’s Fury Holy Shotgun Build

Today I wanted to make a video on what I consider to be the optimal solo Crusader holy shotgun spec. I talk about the build’s limitations in solo/group, proper playstyle, turning yourself and your templar into mini pull monks (Condemn/Vacuum + Ess of Johan), and gear optimizations. In this video I go over the build, […]

Diablo 3 – PTR 2.4 Crusader – Chariot Speed T10 Bounty Build

Hey guys, today – over a year later – I’m proud to present the T10 version of the (previous) T2 Chariot bounty speed farm build. With the introduction of Kanai’s Cube and Legacy of Nightmares, it’s now possible to hit a damage threshold with Bowmen for T10. What this is means is you can stay […]

Diablo 3 – T6 Solo Hellrift Fire Wizard Build

T6 Hellrifting is arguably the ‘new COTA’. XP/hour ranges from 1.5 billion on the low end (solo) to probably around 5 billion (geared, organized group). In this video I explain the build and gear options for a Meteor Fire Wizard to solo clear Torment 6 Hellrifts efficiently. The Smoldering Core staff with its 100% taunt […]

Diablo 3 – PTR 2.4 Crusader – Norvald’s Thorny Pony Build

Hey guys, today I show the Akkhan version of Thorny Pony build using Norvald’s Fervor set. This is a speed farm variation similar to the Chariot build but much easier to gear for. It’s also high greater rift capable with a slightly different setup and potentially working in Focus/Restraint (or even Convention of Elements). Enjoy […]