MeatHead Diablo 3448 Videos

Diablo 3 – 50 Crafted Hellfire Amulets

Hey guys, today I craft up 50 Hellfire amulets – 25 on Witch Doctor and 25 on Monk. It’s a reasonable sample size given the amount of work it takes in 2.3 – not much, but still sizable. I estimate that for most people doing this in a 4 player group you can craft 10 […]

Diablo 3 RoS – PTR 2.1.2 – 50 Crafted Crossbows, 7 Ancients

With patch 2.1.2 right around the corner (sort of), the first thing you’ll want to do is craft a legendary weapon. To that end, I decided to craft 50 Arcane Barbs for the Demon Hunter. Crafted (and dropped) legendary items have a 10% chance to be Ancient and in this video I lucked out and […]

Diablo 3 – Monk – Explosive Light Death's Breath Farming Build

Hey guys, today I show a T7 Explosive Light Monk build for farming Death’s Breath in conjunction with the Sage set. There are several ways to build this and I’ll be looking at Tempest Rush as well shortly. T7 is ideal because it’s nearly a 100% drop rate for a single DB (x2 with Sage), […]

Heroes of the Storm – Thrall – Fast Coop Build

Hey guys, today I show a fast coop build for Thrall, the hardest hitting auto attack hero in the game – about 540 damage per swing at level 20 with Nexus Blades. The Windfury build makes full use of this fact for ridiculous burst and healing. Enjoy & discuss! Build: Thrall Playlist: Patch: […]

Heroes of the Storm – Uther – Beginner PvP Build

Hey guys, today I show a beginner friendly PvP build for Uther. He’s one of my go-to supports (the other is Malfurion) for his burst heals, tankiness, stunlock combinations with heroes like Muradin, and amazing utility in team fights. While this isn’t the ‘standard’ build often used, I like it as a newer Uther myself […]

Heroes of the Storm – Master Sgt. Hammer Range Build – Quick Match Gameplay

Hey guys, today I want to show some Sgt. Hammer Quick Match live gameplay using the Range build. Since this time I’ve switched to a more mobile version, but this build works great for both coop and quick match. It requires more coordination in hero league because the opposing team will often ‘dance’ outside your […]

Diablo 3 – Demon Hunter Solo Greater Rift – G72 Cold Marauder's

Hey guys, today I clear G72. I’m switching to Marauder’s moving forward, though I may revisit UE. After a few failed attempts with various setups, this is what I ended up with currently. I may be switching to physical soon. It’s a new playstyle for me, so it will take some time to learn how […]

Heroes of the Storm – Leoric Basics

Hey guys, today I go over Leoric basics, the latest Diablo addition to the game. He’s an amazing frontline tank who also functions as one of the best split pushers in the game with very high sustain and serious damage against non-heroic targets. Leo is quickly becoming a top tank pick in the ‘double tank […]

Grim Dawn – First Playthrough – Part 8

Today we move to part 8 of the Grim Dawn first playthrough. In this video I spend a decent amount of time exploring areas I haven’t seen, get frustrated at not being able to access zones, and encounter another game crash at the 15-16 minute mark. If you look closely, you’ll notice an interesting game […]

Heroes of the Storm – Raynor – Basics

Today I want to introduce Jim Raynor – the OG StarCraft badass – and the basics of this hero. This is not a build video, but rather a general overview and insights on where he excels. In this video I briefly go over the skills and do a quick coop match, discussing various strategies, what […]