MeatHead Diablo 3341 Videos

Heroes of the Storm – Johanna – Quick Match Gameplay

Hey guys, today I show some Quick Match action with Johanna, the latest beast mode tank. Finally it’s not all about Muradin for sustain-reliant compositions. Enjoy & discuss! Johanna Playlist: Patch: 1.0 – Thanks for watching and Thumbs Up if you like the video! Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions […]

Grim Dawn – Build 27 Impressions

Hey guys, today I give you my impressions of Build 27. The final mastery – Shaman – has been introduced, a new high level zone added (East Marsh), and most importantly some major quality of life improvements – dynamically updated damage displays and very specific breakdowns. Enjoy & discuss! East Marsh Walkthrough: Shaman Playlist: […]

Diablo 3 – PTR 2.1 – Barbarian Freezequake Build

Today I want to show you guys what I believe will be the new Leapquake build in 2.1: the Freezequake barb. With the buff to EQ damage for all runes and 2 handed weapons in PTR, using a Furnace and permafreezing everything is likely to earn barbs a permanent spot in groups, along with helping […]

Diablo 3 – 50 Torment 10 Bounty Bags

Hey guys, got a quick purely for-fun video today – popping 50 Torment 10 bounty bags and seeing the results. In a split farm environment it doesn’t take long to do the bounties within the multiple available communities, and will most likely be something you do once you’re ‘almost’ geared – particularly for any Legacy […]

Diablo 3 – Why I’m Rolling Demon Hunter in Season 3

Hey guys, today I want to briefly discuss why I’m rolling a Demon Hunter in Season 3. Several factors went into this decision and I believe DH and Monk will benefit the most from seasonal gear. I also explain why I chose to leave the other classes out of Season 3. Enjoy & discuss! Demon […]

Diablo 3 – PTR 2.3 Item Discussion – Fury of the Ancients

Hey guys, today I briefly discuss the new Barbarian shoulders – Fury of the Ancients, which will essentially allow you to have another 50% damage reduction. Enjoy & discuss! Barbarian Playlist: Specific Item Playlist: Patch: PTR 2.3 – Thanks for watching and Thumbs Up if you like the video! Let me know if […]

Grim Dawn – Build 25 Impressions

Hey guys, today I go over the changes to Grim Dawn since I played it last almost half a year ago in Build 20/21. Build 25 brings a lot of additions to the game – increased level cap, nearly double the content, tons of new loot, and some endgame you can start working on now […]

Diablo 3 – PTR 2.3 – Season 4 Journey System Explained

Hey guys, today I give a quick overview of the Journey System coming in Season 4. I show the Chapter 1-4 achievements, rewards, and ‘Slayer’ – the first of (presumably) several higher tiers of accomplishments. It’s a nice personal progression system, especially for those who want a bit of guidance and variety. Enjoy & discuss! […]

September 2015 Channel Update

Hey guys, today I talk about what’s happening with the channel in September. This video is a bit shorter as the main focus this month is Diablo 3/Season 4, with a secondary focus on Grim Dawn/Shaman Mastery variations. Heroes of the Storm will see some content, but not much. Regular streaming will continue, and I’m […]

January 2015 Channel Update – Changes To Games & Future Content

Hey everyone, today I want to give you guys an update on where the channel is heading this month and into the first quarter of 2015. I talk about refocusing on a couple games in particular (Diablo 3 and Heroes of the Storm), spreading myself too thin with too many games, the upcoming HotS beta, […]