Botting In Diablo 3

Hey guys, today I discuss (in a Vlog format) my thoughts on botting in Diablo 3. I’ve been thinking about it for months, but following the correct predictions of many of its upsurge this patch, it’s time to give the issue as much press as possible. I talk about its history, 2.3 task automation, clear proof against a number of high level players with no repercussions, what’s going to happen if this continues, and the only feasible way for the community to reduce it. Enjoy & discuss!

Open Letter to Blizzard (by nearly everyone in the community):

State of Diablo 3:

Patch: 2.3

Thanks for watching and Thumbs Up if you like the video! Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions in the comments below and be sure to check out:




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  1. Now these days "some player's" call everything a bot so !? If it isn't this then it's that and so on. The energie of just thinkin of it makes me wanna Bot some more and make them angry

  2. If botting affects leader boards and that bothers you, just have people caught botting removed and banned from leaderboards. Some people just want to do things to help remove the repetitive grinding aspect of the game and move on with the story etc.

    I think botting should be built in with more helpful stuff like henchmen like in guildwards.

    Its like aimbots in fps games. In consoles games have aimbots built in called aim assist…. that is completely fine for the gaming community, but tweak it a bit and put it on pc and every one loses their minds….

  3. Single player game that's not F2P? And you want to ban others cause their idea of fun is different from yours? The fuck is wrong with you people… Just officially allow bots in ToS ffs.

  4. Some guy suggested it (couldn't find it after reading so many comments): an "xp" cap per week or month seems more than fair to me or can be linked with some other achievement-like mechanics. this can also be dynamic since the xp gains is scaled with the difficulty of GR's.

    I don't know a lot of things can be done to lower the impact on botting on the leaderboards cuz if the xp cap was to be done correctly, the only advantage of botting would be the hours spent per week/month. I know this also has a downsize since it will force the game to become somewhatmonotonous, but it sounds logical when you look and see that these botters are hard to detect (or care) for blizzard.

    Dunno… i have never developed a game,nor i have thought any kind whatsoever but a lot of theories come to my mind when i ask my self this question: "how can i reduce the impact of botting if i can't detect those subroutine programs thats installed on afar computer?"

    Thanks for this sincere and well addressed message and Play on!

  5. Blizzard is strategic when it comes to their ban-waves. They will do it at the end of the season when everyone is grinding their hardest for progression and they will ban thousands. Look at that last massive ban-wave in WOW. like 100k people were shut down.. not for botting but simply for having programs on their computer. I got a 6 month ban just for having Autohotkey on my PC… which is something I hadn't actually used since Burning Crusade and even then it was just to help me with my tankadin rotation. hell. I hadn't even logged in for a month or two when they banned me. It was detected from my game launcher.

  6. why do you even care about botting? You arent pushing leader boards, you arent pushing paragon and there is no trading. So what does it even matter? i dont bot and i dont care if others do and im more competetive than you based on your clears and your slow paragon progression, id consider you a slightly below casual and im just casual heck i didnt even buy RoS until about 4 weeks ago. i mean how have you not cleared 60+ on your barb i did it at para 520 no fishing…

  7. This is why Blizzard shut the AH it was not to control the game it was because they couldn't control the bots.. DRM shit they make us be online for (as they say there will be no cheating) and they have zero control..

  8. funny how you say blizz get 'on top off things' you mean the lag issue from WD that has been going for 6 months or the the lack of amd driver support? making the game unplayable..

  9. As long as botters don't come up in group sessions, they do not harm you..the bot issue was real back with the RMAH, in vanilla. Now there's no such thing anymore, there's only solo playing or group playing to farm legendaries and a huge amount of exp in high Grifts. Now: if you bot because you don't have 12 hours per day to spend on this game and you need some resources to afford some rolls on Kanai's Cube, I don't see anything wrong with that. Are you exploiting my personal experience? Nah. Are you aiming for the top tiers in ladder? Some are, some are not. Thing is, you hit the first places only if you fish the right map with the right mobs. Sooner or later, everybody is gonna get good gear to push those levels, no matter if they used bots or not. It's just a matter of doing many many tries until you get lucky enough. This game has NOTHING to do with skills. It's just about fishing. Rolling. RNG. So, botting in a game with a system like this, where it's all about RNG, and where you might not have all that fuc**in time to spend on it, it's not unfair. It just ruins your experience because you get to have the gear you want without actually deserving it. Is it my problem or your problem if a random guy does it? Hell no. It's HIS problem. Stop complaining about botting just because you don't know how to do it or just because you live by the principle of not botting because it would not make sense for your personal point of view about the whole game. Let who wanna bot, bot. Live and let live. 90% of botters (casual players most of them) will NEVER go in top 5 or top 10 leaderbord. Bots play for them. They dont know how to use their builds. AND if they don't have the time to farm items 12 hours per day, they consequentially dont have the time to fish 12 hours per day for a fuc**ing good Grift. Is that hard to understand? That's why Blizz does not give a flying fu*k about botters nowadays. As it should be. Also bots are nearly impossible to spot. And, finally, come on…Blizz consider SweetFX a unallowed third-party program aswell. A fuc*ing program to RECOLOR your game. Screw them ahahah this game is cool and sucks bad at the same time, and it sucks because the administration sucks first

  10. D3 leaderboards aren't competative because a big part of the players, and an even bigger part of the actually good players, quit a week into the season. Let people enjoy themselves any way they can in the game. It shouldn't diminish your enjoyment.

  11. I already quit the game because of the cheating, in a full clan I got to a point where I was the only one not using bot, people do it like it`s normal just because no one cares. Have fun 🙂

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